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So my take. Time to weigh in.

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1 hour ago, Jungol said:

"well the tiny tims on MIDWAY could use some love"



this statement right here tells us everything we need to know why the OP likes this new update. Midway's are dragons that can delete Clevelands in about 3 sorties. Tier 6 CV's are worthless basically against anything in higher tier, just watching flights getting entirely deleted. And general gameplay appears to suffer as now everyone gathers in big clumps. Mot to mentioned there is basically no way to stop from being perma-spotted in DD's because the concept of air superiority has disappeared.


But go on OP tell us how good playing in the Midways is ...

I was using midway as an example.

Air superiority isnt a given gaurantee,  whoever has the baility to gain it, creates that.    I'm going to assume your one of those yolo's that go out alone die and then complain.  so next time you post, please be constructive because this post literally reminds me of my job, when the train im operating hits a car or semi or anything on the tracks and we end up with the remark "why didnt the train swerve" (you would not beleive how many people ask this question)

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4 hours ago, Ramsalot said:

On the first day of the patch I took both Kaga and Saipan to co-op.  First 10 matches were utterly horrible, I basically could not hit much, would end up on the bottom of the list, and struggle to make any difference.  There is learning curve involved.  After some practice I starting topping the list and getting multiple kills.


Thanks Ram, for the encouraging post. I'll try some more battles...

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