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CV Rework Integration

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I am not going to get into the debate whether the CV rework is good or bad because it is rather pointless. The CV rework is here to stay so lets get our heads together and lets use this thread as an opportunity to fix the system. I also need WG and community know that even though I support the rework in a different form in all likelihood I will not be able to play CVs again. In other words I have no personal interests in how we go forward to fix this. Before we start I would like to point out to the WG. You were warned by your testers and players patch 8.0 wasn’t ready and they were right. We told YOU as a player base take your time and in a year or so everything would be cool but you rushed and you managed to annoy pretty much everyone to some extent, some more and some less.


What the patch got right”

Visually its stunning and looks great. There some work that needs to be done but nothing too major with the visuals for example some corners look blurry possibly an issue with the rendering which in all likelihood hasn’t been fine tuned. The only other fix that’s needed is the aircraft visuals are too big and need to be smaller to give the player a better sense of where they are in relation to the target and for better situational awareness to prevent one from blindly flying into an AA cruiser. And finally get rid of that horrendous little climb before the dive bombers attack. Its stupid and messes up the aiming.


What the patch didn’t fix

In 2 words-Skill Gap

This is a really critical part of the whole rework because its’ actually quite difficult to hit something and for that we have to go back to the RTS and why it broke and was tossed out. When WG introduced manual torpedoes strafe the gap between the average, the good and the elite became huge. It was too hard to aim with manual torpedoes and too hard to do strafe and the workload became too overwhelming for the average player and even good players. Well look where we are today. Its’ too hard to aim with any of the 3 weapons with the exception of torpedoes to some extent and the mechanics are not refined enough so execution becomes difficult.


The Proposed New System

The system takes the best of the rework and breaks it down as follows

-The CV player can launch all 3 squadrons but can never control more then 1

-CV players can launch fighters to secure air control or provide air cover to ships

Dive Bombers & Torpedoes

The system has 3 Commands:

  • Auto Targetà The target is selected by the CV players and AI executes the mission

  • Hold Patternà The squadron is put into a holding pattern

  • Player Controlà The player takes control


The system has 5 Commands:

  • Auto Targetà The target is selected by the CV players and AI executes the mission

  • Hold Patternà The squadron is put into a holding pattern

  • Air Defenseà The player assigns an area and enemy aircraft entering the assigned areas will be attacked by AI

  • Patrolà The player assigns a patrol area

  • Point Defenseà The player assigns the fighters to a particular ship


For example the CV player assigns: 1-AUTO TARGETING for the fighter squadron, 2-Puts Dive Bombers into a HOLD pattern, 3-The CV player chooses the Torpedo squadron for player control. At any time the CV player can switch to player control to of any of the 2 attack squadrons as long as 1 is in either a HOLD or Auto Target mode.


Before such a system can be implemented here is all the things that need to be fixed

Aircraft Control

The aircraft controls are not sharp enough and it seems like you go full right or full left and nothing really in between. The aircraft controls need to be smoother and more refined so that players have time to fine tune their aim.


One of the least talked about aspect of the rework is that aircraft torpedoes have been significantly slowed down. In fact they are really slow that lead aim time becomes really a joke because that gives the target plenty of time to turn away. To make up for the loss of torpedo speed you have to practically wait until the last second to drop and that WG is going to need a highly skilled player to pull it off just right. Every single torpedo missed my Montana yesterday in 5 games except for 2 hits.


So torpedoes need a buff in speed to increase the drop distance to to reduce exposure to AA and increase survivability.


Dive Bombers

The aim with dive bombers is difficult because the whole idea is so poorly conceived that it just cannot work. The dive bombers are too low so everything happens too fast. A typical release height for a WW2 dive bombers was 2000-1000 feet. Here in this game you practically have to crash dive your plane to make the hit.


Dive bombers need to be able to select their own altitude. The game can give them the option to fly to target at 5000ft and then drop bombs at a preselect height by the player at 2000ft, 1500ft and 1000 ft. Again the whole purpose of this fix is to slow things down a little bit.



The AA system as is it right now in patch 8.0 is too strong. I am running a Montana with a secondary build but with captain skills at BFT and AFT. I don’t use sector defense because I shredded 23 aircraft without it. So why bother? AA needs to be toned down so that CV players can actually do something.


Personal Note

Regardless of how CVs are fixed I will not be able to play them in the rework. After 5 games yesterday I sold my Ranger because I got physically sick from all the turning and banking of planes I nearly threw up and got a bad case of motion sickness and a major headache. Finally I have nerve damage in my right arm so for all you noobs out there..


I play DDs with my left hand

I play cruisers with my left hand but because they are slower so I can get my right hand in as long as I keep my distance

And I play BBs with left and right hand because the action is slower paced..hence why I snipe alot and brawl if I must..


Never Give up Never Surrender!!

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