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Previous post mentioned game crashing on accessing port.  

This continues.

I SO looked forward to Ranked Battles and I find myself spending WAY too much time just getting to port.

Log in?  Game crashes at least two out of three attempts.  It is a challenge just to get to port.

Going into a game?  Finding my game to crash about one in three as I queue up and get slotted for a match.  Curiously, logging back into the game, and bypassing the port, I get into the match without an additional crash.

Once in the match there is lag at times but no crashes, thankfully.

Game end?  AT LEAST four out of five games end and I crash going back to port.  Usually before the stat screens appear.

Nothing changed on my end from Tuesday to today.  Tuesday I was zipping along and enjoying my new SSD with WoWs installed on it.

Yesterday and today have been horrid.  Just horrid.

I know the CV rework has folks up in arms some and WG is looking into that...but there is also a population out here who can't even play the game and get WG data with which to assist their efforts.

Yes, I am tired, I am frustrated and I need sleep.  Think I'll head to bed.

But first...

...one last word...




/rant off

ps- WG, kindly give us some sort of update on fixes.

pps - rather disappointed, fellas.  Can't deny.

ppps - yes, have run the error detection utility.  Happy to provide screenshots of the crashes if so directed.

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Already sent a Ticket with the report log of WGCheck. Still waiting for a response

29 minutes ago, RipNuN2 said:

Try the repair tool.

Already tried that, it didnt detected anything damaged, so nope, no fix with that

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game crashed on me in middle of ranked battle cost me a star cost the whole team the win, first crash in months, sucks.

ps. probably lost karma too.

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I’m also freezing during loading or going back to port after the battle.  I’ve had none of these problems before the recent 0.80 update.  Repairing the game only works for about two matches.  And now I’m pink because it crashes loading into a tX battle.

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