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Change in Meta - cv rework

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I been playing all tier 8 CVs.  I want to get both mid and high tier match making.      So I noticed a few things with the rework past few days that is important to note

  • People are not RUSHING caps any longer, I have noticed players stick together for AA
  • BBs stick together in the back for AA coverage
  • DDs who do rush CAPs can easily get nuked unless they hide in smoke
  • Ships who turn towards torpedo drops are almost impossible to hit  (good tactic)
  • Players have start moving more in groups together.  I am seeing less yolo especially 2nd day of patch

Honestly I think this is great.    I been seeing a lot better team pushes into caps.    I also see a LOT of caps that do not even get contested an entire round.   Where as before any one ship would sail over and take it.   People are being far more cautious.    the question is, will this make the game play stagnant. 


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