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0.8 Carrier Handbook

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Just something from playing CV in the new patch to ease the new pain, not a blanket cover and 100% guarantee because every games are different.

Disclaimer: I am struggling with the new game playing style when get to CV, but at least I try to make it less-pain-full. So to the trollers, you are not welcome. CV is at it hard time, don't need more negative from you. If you are successful and have some positive and that I don't have, please add in more.


Lets get into it:

1- When game start with the count down, press "M" to study the map and plot your CV course (shift + left click), you cant control CV while you are controlling the planes. Also make a note of your ally position as well

2 - Send your squad up and act as scout

3 - Control your squad with WASD; for scouting press "W", this is acting as engine boost (nah it make planes go faster) and save the engine boost consumable for later use

4 - Do not attack in the first 3 mins of the game, enemy aa battery are at full strength, attack at your own risk

5 - Use the first couple of mins to scout, ping the ships if you want to focus fire, scan for lone ship if possible

6 - If you going too fast, you can slow down, "D" key. This also make it easy to line up your aiming

7 - If you going too fast and start seeing flak burst (there are a lot of youtube explaining the burst, lead indicator and such, very useful even for shooting dd/cruiser/bb), activate your WASD. Initial burst indicate that direction will bombard with aa sector fire, change course. Or there is no shame to completely turn around, temporary run away because you save your planes, avoid heavy aa bubble

8 - Make sure you tell your ally to focus fire on dd or any ships when you provide initial spotting. I normally would type in "I DO the SPOTTING, YOU GUYS DO the SHOOTING". For everyone else, FOCUS FIRE as cv planes not going to stick around long, they have their hand full as well - spotting, picking target, wasd and line up their attack while using any consumable available to make that attack a successful attack. All of this, is also a new learning process so it take even longer

9 - Learn your CV torp/rocket attack range and pattern


Now, if there is a lone ship, ask the ally to have couple shots on him/her to reduce their aa effectiveness

10 - Pick and attack that lone ship

11 - Torp range is 4km, the closer you get in, the pattern "grouping in". So if the aa too much, drop at 4km, if aa not much, go in and attack when the drop indicator "zoom in". Don't get too close as torp did not "armed" in time

12 - Rocket planes best attack at ship at 90 degree, ok if attack from front/aft

13 - Dive bomb best attack drop from front and aft, less if attack from 90 degree

Torp attack:

1 - If enemy travel in group, torp the most front ships if allowable. Chances are if you missed at least you can still hit the next ship travel behind.

1a - drop at your max torp range, the aa combine going to be too strong

1b - don't use dive bomb - dive bomb required you are "on top" and "last long", if the enemy travel in group your squad will get shred to pieces  

2 - Use the consumable to heal at t8, call in fighter if you have to Or on your cross path with enemy planes

3 - "Pimp" your CV, LOL --> WoWs new term, for me, I just fully upgrade my CV -  you need to prioritize your main attack, IJN torp, USN dive bomb, but again it up to your preferences

4 - Act as your attack plane as a mini dd, use island to mask your attack

4a - It is still not confirm if WoWs do anything about aa shooting planes down even they are on the other side of the island

5 - If you missed your aiming, or wanted to turn around quickly for the second attacks, "S" and "A or D" is your best friend. Slow down to make sharp turn, act as dd remembered?? Then speed up, use the engine boost only accordingly. Speed up is same thing and it save you the engine boost



Dear Developers,

1 - Please, increase the torp drop range to 8km - 10km, the AA at the moment shredding planes to pieces. At the moment, 4km range still missed, 2km is suicide and most cases result in lost of planes. I tried everything engine boost, heal and call in fighters .. to little or no effect to save my torp squad. Dropping torp at longer range at least I can save my planes and turn back for another attack rather then all planes die. This is frustrating. And I don't want to demount upgrades with doubloon, I don't have enough doubloon to do so.

2 - Increase HP on dive bomb, they die too quick when they are "on top". For example, my t8 dive bomb squad die even before dropping bomb on a lone Bis

3 - Please allow the turning radius of torp planes smaller/tighter so that the second attack can be align up, this making more effective attack run. The current turning radius too big and slowing down the attacks Or making the fly path into other ships aa and got shot down. It already hard enough learning to aim with the new interface, it will be less time and more effect for CV player to able to make the second attack or consequence attack more effective (still have to aim and do other normal businesses) 

4 - Allow CV to equip more signals





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