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Issue with Dive Bombers, Potential Fix?

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So first and foremost, I've like the concept of the Carrier and AA rework. The execution has been meh to say the least. After playing roughly 25-30 games, majority in carriers, a clear issue has been making its self known. My Dive Bombers have incredibly low survival rates and as a result are causing the least amount of damage in any game. TBs and AT squads can usually get 2-3 launches, DBs are getting 1. Considering the only marginal differences in HP and squad sizes between TBs and DBs. After looking into the stats of the AA damage I found out why. Short range AA damage is the highest damaging AA of all and is basically guaranteed damage. Lets see an example, Bismarck with the B hull has a total of 527 Continuous damage per second within 1.5 km. Lexington's DBs with survivability expert and DB mod. 2 have a total HP of 2043 per aircraft. the time it takes for the bombers to just drop bombs is roughly 3 seconds, and will average 5-6 for any accurate drop. With this in mind you will lose almost 2 aircraft in a single accurate drop. This does not include any damage taken prior to 1.5 km. Now if the DB want to go for a second run, they will have to back track through short, medium, and long range AA before just lining up the second attack run. For a 9 aircraft squad you are already down to 5 or 4 badly damaged aircraft just coming off the first attack. The AA rework has been working OK for the other aircraft due to the fact that they keep moving at high speeds, allowing for Hit and Run style assaults. Fine tuning is still needed but that should be an easier fix. Dive bombers don't have that speed advantage unless they're German, resulting in high losses and lower damage returns. For 9 bombers I only seem to average around 8k per squad. Attack Aircraft manage higher damage returns! This needs to be changed, Dive bombers are already the hardest to aim aircraft, so these low damage returns basically makes the bomber useless. 

So how should this issue be addressed? Without changing how the AA works I would say greatly increase the number of DBs in an Attack. Basically make it so the entire squad goes in for the attack. Now keep some moderation in mind and also reduce the amount of bombers in the Squad. For Lady Lex it could be 6 bomber strong squad all dropping at once. This enables far better damage potential against enemy warships and actually provides an incentive to use these difficult aircraft.

Please give your thoughts, Am I crazy for having issues with DBs or do you notice this too? Is going to this to be too similar to the old system? Would that actually be good thing? Am I right about this execution of the rework?


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I too have found my dive bombers a bit too fragile overall, but I can say the same about torpedo bombers. It's just that TBs get a heal. Fortunately, unlike TBs, you don't need to line up a drop well in advance. So you can dodge flak a fair amount before dropping. Of course, the drawback here is that the enemy ship will trying to dodge too, so it's double trouble, lol.

But yeah, I'm thinking of using my 4th slot to buff my DB health. Been sitting on the fence to test which of these planes I find die fastest.

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