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Reopening Old Wounds - CV Edition

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Howdy guys.

A long time ago I sent an idea to the World of Warships Facebook page with the idea to create a reasonable solution for the Carrier rework. And by a long time ago, I mean September of 2017. This is a copy-paste of the ideas I'd submitted to Wargaming back then:

1) Remove Defensive Fire AA. Make it a captain skill, but only let it proc when there's x amount of planes within mid-range of AA fire.

2) Increase squadron sizes and scale that size by tier. Langley and Hosho can stay as-is, but the Midway and Hakuryuu have, say, 12 or 13 planes per squadron. Not only helpful for gameplay, but also historically accurate.

3) Make AA affected by ship's environment. If the ship is on fire or inside a smokescreen, AA range drops. In open water without nearby islands obscuring view, effective range increases. Makes for more of a need for active/dynamic ship movement and reaction.

4) Increase DPS for AA based upon the number of maximum planes in the air. For example, a Random Battle with two Hakuryuu CVs will put the crews on high alert, increasing damage. However, a T5 match with a  mod.1 Bogue would have standard damage ratios.


Now, naturally these were done when I had only just acquired an Independence the week prior, but I still knew how AA and CVs coordinated. While there were a few ideas, this was also done at like 1:16 in the morning. You guys are welcome to critique me on how well this would have worked out, but honestly it doesn't matter anymore. Oh well...at least we're getting RN CVs in June-ish, yeah?

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