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Important: New Forum Guidelines

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The World of Warships team spends a significant amount of time each day reading the World of Warships forums, gathering your feedback, and working to keep a welcoming and interesting environment for everyone to interact in.

After significant review and discussion, we concluded we really weren’t happy with how some of our forums are organized and how our moderation was working. In terms of moderation, while it effects less than 1% of you, it does so in a very significant way.

We’re happy to announce we plan to replace our existing forum rules with the ones you see below this post. While much of it is simplified, you may notice a few larger changes:

  • The 5 Strike system has been retired.  Suspensions will now be done based on the severity of the action.
  • There is a clear appeal system for forum action you may receive.


This change also brings some good news to those who have received actions on their account in the past.  Every account that is not currently permanently banned gets a clean slate beginning Monday February 4th.   Please use this opportunity to join us in creating a greater community that everyone can be a part of!

If you have questions about our policies or these rules, please reach out to one of us.  We are more than happy to elaborate and hear any concerns. 

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1,259 posts
508 battles

Welcome to the World of Warships Official Forum!

This forum is here to accommodate your discussions of ideas, gameplay, and any other aspects of World of Warships with other players.

Community forums are usually at their best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy. We do know that sometimes people disagree, however we ask that you conduct yourself in a civilized manner when participating and respect the rules.


Be Constructive

Please keep all communication between yourself and other players or employees of Wargaming constructive.  Posts which are not constructive can impact the visibility of important discussions and discourage others from participating.

Forum Rules: Users should refrain from making personal attacks to other players or moderators in public threads and private messages (PMs).



Warning:  A player may receive up to 3 Warnings before action has been taken against their account in the form of temporary suspension.  This is typically done for minor infractions of our guidelines such as the following:

  • Nonconstructive/Off Topic Posting
  • Profanity or circumventing the Forum Filter
  • Religious and Political Discussion
  • General Trolling
  • Abusing the Report Post function by repeatedly reporting the same user
  • Bumping posts outside of subsections where this behavior is allowed

Suspensions: Once a player has received multiple warnings or if the poster has incurred a severe violation of the Forum Guidelines they will receive a temporary suspension.  The length of this suspension is based upon the gravity of the infraction but may be 1, 3, or 7 Days. 

  • Examples of Infractions Receiving Suspension:
    • Repeated warnings over minor infractions.
    • Player harassment
    • Promotion or display of images that display content such as pornography, nudity, gratuitous violence, Nazi symbols, obscentiies or other content found to be of similar severity.
    • Publishing a posters personal information.
    • Threats of personal harm
    • Extreme sexual references or other inappropriate language.

Permanent Suspensions:  An account may be permanently suspended after the user has received multiple (bare minimum of 3) temporary suspensions at the discretion of Wargaming Staff. 



The official language of this forum is English. Using other languages is allowed in special forum sections only. Transliteration and intentionally distorted or illiterate language may be moderated.



  • If you have questions or wish to appeal a moderation action, please contact Radar_X, iKami, and Femennenly (include all 3).
  • If you have been suspended or banned, this may apply to alternate accounts on the forums as well.


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