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Putting it another way...


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  1. 1. Compared to an equally skilled BB, a CV is...

    • More influential/powerful
    • Equally influential/powerful
    • Less influential/powerful
  2. 2. Compared to an equally skilled BB, fighting a CV feels...

    • More enjoyable
    • Equally enjoyable
    • Less enjoyable

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A different take on the usual CV poll.

In case you're wondering why battleships are used for the comparison, it's because Fem has stated that, "Their role is similar to that of Battleships...."

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It's more fun to fight a BB because of the simplicity of slugging it out.  It's harder to fight a CV due to the feeling of "fighting uphill", but really satisfying if you get the kill.

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I'm not sure if comparing them to BBs is accurate.  If anything CVs feel more like cruisers just with nerfed guns.   I dabbled with CVs in the past and did 'okay'-ish.   But now it feels like I'm fighting to do any real damage.  Get torp hits and just gawk at 3 to 4k. 

But yes, it is satisfying to finally get a kill. 

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From personal experience, the only part that seems off is the vision control. I wouldn't be upset with them tuning the aircraft detect range down a bit. DDing has gotten much harder. I expected some increase in difficulty but not this much. I am fully open to the idea that it is user error on my part though. Maybe I just need to figure it out. Either way, BB's have zero vision control and CV's have a ton. That is the major reason I voted CV's to be more influential and less enjoyable to play against than BBs.

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