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Predictions: The future and 8.x - A Hopefully Constructive Post

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Full disclosure: DD main, primarily IJN DDs, CA second, CL third. I have run with the BBs some, but it’s not my gig. Before the patch, I’d played 84 random games in CVs.


Assumption: WG leaves 8.0 in place and begins working on fixes. There will be no reversion to the old system.


Remember taking a magnifying glass and setting a piece of paper on fire with nothing but the power of the sun? What I see happening is a return to the exact same situation we had before, but through a stronger magnifying glass. Individual games in Random will depend largely upon the skill of the CV player.


The old CV system had a steep learning curve. The new system also has a learning curve, though perhaps not so steep. I would have been a prime candidate for going into CV play, if they wanted to bring in new players. I’ve been around the game, and I know the mechanics. But having tried the new system on the CVs, I’m not in the least interested. It looks cool, I’ll grant you that, but it’s just not for me. To be blunt, if I wanted to play a flight sim or World of Warplanes, I would play those.


That being the case, and assuming there are others in the same boat, we won’t be raising a new crop of players to run CVs. We’ll get many of the same players becoming experts at the new system. Some will leave, but they may well be equaled by the few that take up CVs as a main now. But my prediction is that the CV player population may grow, but not by much overall.


So when the newness of 8.0 wears off, we’ll be left with the same lot of players we had before. They will eventually gain the same level of expertise they had prior to 8.0 dropping. Eventually, we will be in the same place we were before, with the quality of the CV driver largely dictating the success or failure of a team. This impacts everyone alike – BB, CA, CL, DD, other CVs. But I think the DD population is in a peculiar spot right now.


In the meantime, DD player population is going to drop. Already, we’re seeing games with two, one or none in the DD category. Personally, I’ve had some very successful games where I could remain undetected and still play very aggressively. But there have only been two of those since the patch hit. And I do believe that if the CV wants a DD dead, they will eventually get their way; either by unrelenting rocket attacks against a target with little or no AA, or from allied surface ship fire directed by aircraft spotting. With a good CV player, even the best DD player will have no counter.


CA/CL populations will stay high for some time. Many people want to run cruisers because of their perceived AA prowess. I’ve seen some of that prowess in action with my own cruisers, but I’ve also seen that prowess fall utterly flat in doing a lot of damage and getting few kills. I don’t know what value there is in getting 15,000 air damage points if you only get two kills. But with the constant replenishment of aircraft I’m not sure if there’s any long term value in the two kills either.


This will further strain the DD population as well. The DD players will face an extended period of the new CV players trying to kill them, with the same added effect of the introduction of the USN CL line a while back. Again, the population of DD drivers has already dropped.


And please, I’m trying to introduce something somewhat constructive here (with the assumption that WG is actually watching what the player population is saying). This is not a DD player whining. (I actually like the way the radar situation has shaken out. A lot of you guys use it as a crutch, and I can exploit that. And the biggest of the BBabies, that cry the loudest, are the ones that drive in straight lines for four minutes at a time and only turn when they run out of map; so I don’t mind them at all.) And no, I don’t think this is the end of the DD, but I do think it might be the end for some DD mains.


DD players need to find a way to remain relevant for the duration of this prediction, or we may lose many of them. I had a game in the Jutland last night where I spent most of my time just trying to survive. During that game, I managed a bit over 9000 damage points inflicted upon the enemy. Server average last quarter was 40k for the Jutland. My average pre-8.0 was about 46k. The game is not well served by having DD damage averages cut by 75%. We aren’t going to be contributing to the team’s success if we’re not there at all, or if we’re only getting a quarter of the damage we did pre-8.0.


CA/CL players, and BB players too for that matter, need to be able to have some value in their AA, and this value needs to go beyond the cool visual effects. By shooting down 80 planes in one game, what have you accomplished? You sent the CV player back to the ship six times for more? In one Mino game I helped keep the planes off a group of BBs, but I was far enough from the action that my guns were pretty much useless. So I suppose that’s an accomplishment, but it’s certainly not going to win any prizes for damage inflicted.


So maybe we can find something that will help sort out where WG takes this next. Maybe not. But I know a lot of us have spent a tremendous amount of time on this game, and  we all want to see it flourish. 

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I know I'm not spending any more money on this game.  CVs are not currently OP, but once drivers figure them out and coordinate with other CVs in the match.  They will be yet again.

The constant spotting due to constant planes overhead and nerfed concealment has drastically changed the game.  I for one am not enjoying it.

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Endless planes are toxic; more than 1 CV per team is intolerable; DD's are almost non-existent; it's not much fun playing a BB either; being pigeonholed into speccing every ship for AA creates too many cookie-cutter builds. Yeah, I'm pretty much done unless there are drastic changes. There won't be unfortunately, look how WG didn't listen to their playerbase in WoT.

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1 hour ago, Grflrgl said:

So maybe we can find something that will help sort out where WG takes this next. Maybe not. But I know a lot of us have spent a tremendous amount of time on this game, and  we all want to see it flourish. 

Same feeling here. Although I'm still skeptical towards patch 8.0, I want the game flourishing and not withering.


Assuming WG pays attention to what happens in their forum and will be able to differ from plain salty outcry from actual educated input, let's discourse about the issue.

The main concern now shouldn't be the (im)balance of CVs, as next patches will address the issue, but the strain it has been placed upon DD players. Detection should be reworked in a way that air spotting doesn't automatically make the DD visible to the entire enemy fleet. The DD should become visible in the minimap only (similar as spotting in bad weather currently happens). So that the enemy team knows that there is a DD in a given position. One can choose to chase it, ambush it, launch preemptively torpedoes. BB could already change course to avoid incoming torpedoes... Being air spotted in this scenario would already be a set back for a DD, forcing it to abandon the ambush, withdraw or stall the launching of torpedoes,  but wouldn't ruin its game entirely by outright killing it. Actually, all ships should become visible in the minimap only when air spotted, as aircraft in those days had no GPS to give accurate position to fire controllers on board of capital ships, which in turn operated the aiming of the guns via optical devices.So, no visual contact, no target. Notice of the sighting of an enemy ship in a given position and bearing would be passed to the entire fleet, but nothing more. Rangefinders would try to find the ship in that position with a big chance of missing it entirely (especially smaller vessels like a DD). Only larger ships (BB/CV/CA), if within range of the main guns could become hard spotted and thus become real targets. For gameplay purposes, only in this case, larger vessels could be subject to shelling even if the enemy ship has no visual contact.

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