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Deep thoughts about the CV rework

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If you want a quick explanation, it's bad, CV used to spot and do damage, now it does neither.

Now let's go take a better look at what is going on.

The Ship

  • Removing T5, T7 and T9 was a big mistake, T4 and T6 CVs are so painful to play and even more so when they're still able to match against ships 2 tiers higher, not because of fighter planes, but because of AA and survivability of the plane.
  • The amount of planes and the "recharge" is pretty good, it'll still hurt and maim those that are not careful but still letting them play the game.
  • The autopilot is OK, we all used it before, but not being able to switch back to the ship to issue precise commands and the planes flying straight to hell when doing so is what kills it.
  • On all the battles I did after the patch, I've never seen a CV getting a citadel hit, actually, IJN DBs are apparently unable to score a citadel hit (sometimes even penetration) against enemy CVs, this needs a double check.
  • It's incredibly rare to destroy enemy flak guns.

The Planes

It's really strange to launch a big amount of planes but only a part of those are actually able to do an attack run, specially for an arcade game and even worse when before the update we were able to attack with WAY MORE PLANES than what we have right now.

It's really strange to see Dive Bombers flying at the same altitude as the other planes, even more so when you can see them increasing altitude to dodge terrain.

It's ABSOLUTELY strange to a plane not be able to spot some ships until at flak range (and probably so because the ship fired his AA first). Excluding destroyers since those are supposed to be stealthy, even though it's not that hard to see one at 6km range..

31/01/2019: The aircraft controll is surprisingly good, WASD for maneuver and then mouse control to minimal movement during attack runs works perfectly.

Attack Planes

  • The amount of planes per attack run is ridiculously low, even though they seem more durable and able to do other attack runs, I believe that increasing incapacitation and reducing the damage (or keeping the same) would be fine.
  • Rockets are the main source of damage of CVs in this patch. FACT.
  • Even though you're scoring penetration with rockets, they're doing way less damage than stated, of course, the damage stated is for a citadel hit (that will never happen) but still, the amount of damage done by those rockets are thrash.
  • The damage should increase with tier instead of the amount of rockets, this way you can still have a reliable way to hit at low tier and
  • The attacking mark is incorrect, from all the matches I've played, none of my rockets hit the bottom of the mark while I'd say 10% of the rockets hit near the bottom of the center mark.

Torpedo Bomber

  • The amount of planes per attack run is ridiculously low, and to be honest, I couldn't care less to the amount of planes in a squad since they'll be either incapacitated to do a second attack run or the main target is already dead.
  • The damage is ridiculously low for the amount of time in preparation, it usually takes 2 minutes to launch the planes and do the perfect attack run and there are no rewards for planning, the damage and flood damage is low, the chance to flood is even lower.
  • The only plane able to restore health, which makes no sense at all, seeing ships restoring health is more than enough arcade for a game.
  • The torpedo speed for USN planes are a real pain and I'd never wish this even for my worst enemy, only at T10 this should be fine because of the amount of torpedoes launched but I'd still recommend an update here, make it a little bit faster.

Dive Bomber

  • The amount of planes per attack run is fine but the damage isn't.
  • The damage, as mentioned before, is really low, specially if you put the high difficulty level to reach the good launch of bombs.
  • The attack marker is incorrect, such as with the attack planes, the bombs rarely hit the bottom part of the mark (compared to the top) and sometimes the plane doesn't seem able to reach the mark.

Fighter Planes

  • The time they spend circling an area is low and god knows why their speed is lower than any other plane in the game, even if those others are carrying tons of payload.
  • The time to arrive at the place is fine but they don't seem to take action until some more time has passed, making the patrolling time even lower.
  • They act like normal planes while under enemy AA where they should be more durable or even avoid AA area.


The AA

  • The constant damage seems fine but could be increased at closer range, specially for DDs to avoid getting "camped".
  • The focus sector for AA is really bad, the increased damage to AA at closer range should be enough to deal with Attack planes/Dive bombers/Close torpedo bomber

The Flak

  • The idea of being able to dodge AA is nice but it isn't when your entire screen gets covered by that, and the bigger problem is, there are ships capable of doing that by themselves.
  • Some flak just spawn right at your face, not allowing you to be able to dodge.
  • Flak is really troublesome when dealing with laggy users since sometimes you think you're dodging while you're actually flying straight at it.
  • The interval for flak is really low, it would be understandable if the enemy is focusing the sector and using defensive fire but even when they aren't the interval is so low that you can't dodge, even while holding down S to increase the speed which you change direction.

The Commander

  • Some perks seems useless, complete garbage.
  • The radio location should not exist for planes, even though being tier 4 perk, instead.




Ship Suggestions

  • Add back the lost tiers for CVs
  • Decrease both the amount of planes on deck and the recharge rate, I'd suggest letting only 1.2~1.3x the amount of planes a CV can launch and reduce the recharge rate in 33%~50% (this reduced time will be because of a nerf in plane survival)
  • Fix autopilot, make it so the player can set speed and maneuver while on strategic view and move the camera back to the ship when pressing shift.
  • Make it easier to get citadeled by plunging fire, this will make players increase their awareness so as to not get killed by scout planes BBs and dive bombers.
  • Make it easier to destroy enemy flak or at least "damage" the enemy flak so that it attacks in increased intervals.

Plane Suggestions

  • Increase the amount of planes per attack run and decrease the maximum amount of planes per squad, I'd suggest letting the squad count be 1.5x rounded up the amount of planes per attack run and the minimum amount of planes per attack run would be 3 in Tier 4 increasing by 1 every 2 tiers, every nation would of course have an increase or decrease in planes, an example would be USN Dive Bombers, starting with 2 at tier 4 and when reaching tier 8 the double payload.
  • Limit the amount of attack runs to 1 for bombers and 2+ for attack planes.
  • Make it so planes automatically return to the carrier after their attack run (after releasing the payload), even if there are planes in the squad with payload.
  • Make it so planes are still able to take damage while returning to the carrier but a reduced amount since it won't be able to dodge flak.
  • Increase ship's visibility for planes.

Attack Planes

  • Increase the amount of damage of rockets OR increase the amount of damage done to ship's structures (destroying more AA placements, for example)
  • Increase the amount of planes per attack run also increasing the attack marker (this will actually help DDs) but reducing the amount of squad planes.
  • Make it so the probability of hitting any part of ther marker is equal.

Torpedo Bomber

  • Let the amount of planes per attack run be equal to the amount of planes per squad while also decreasing the amount of planes per squad.
  • Increase the amount of damage.
  • Increase flooding chance or make it so at least 1 flooding cannot be repaired.
  • Make it so no faction is able to launch torpedoes with speed lower than 38 knts
  • Increase damage received by flak and AA during attack run, planes destroyed during the attack will not have their space covered by another plane, meaning that if RNG blesses you into killing 2 planes in the middle, you'll have a space in the middle to maneuver.
  • The previous suggestion is to make torpedo bombers actual "finishers" but to be able to do that, the enemy AA must be partially neutralized.

Dive Bomber

  • Make it so Dive bombers are already at high altitude so that their attack runs start as soon as the LMB is clicked, the dive bombers will then make an almost vertical dive (so as to let german dive bombers retain their unique way of attacking), since they'll be at different height, reduce the amount of flak/flak damage taken.
  • Make it so Dive bombers take more time to recover from an attack run and return to the carrier, decreasing their survivability if the enemy ship survives the attack.

Fighter Plane

  • Increase the time they stay "patrolling" an area.
  • Make it so that the fighter plane retreats a little bit if enemy AA is able to target them or at least make them a lot more durable to AA fire.
  • Increase fighter's planes speed so that they can chase enemy targets better.
  • Make it so if you activate the fighter skill WHILE TAKING OFF, the fighter planes will actually start escorting your squad and stop on enemy planes/enemy AA for the remaining duration.

AA Suggestions

  • Make it so AA damage increases a lot more at close range.
  • Remove the option to prioritize AA sector

Flak Suggestions

  • Make it so flak fires in a sequence of small flaks with reduced damage ( a lot) and after the 3rd salvo a big flak salvo with increased damage, this way players can either time enemy flak to attack or see the possible location of the big flak to dodge.
  • Make it so defensive fire decrease the sequence of small flaks to every 2nd or 1st salvo modify duration of the defensive fire.
  • Make another defensive fire consumable that increases the range of flak weapons so that the player may choose which one they want.
  • Remove flak at really close ranges.

Commander Suggestions

  • Remove the possibility of radio location for planes, instead, increase spotting range for planes.
  • Add/modify a tier 3/4 perk to make it so the player can see an icon above targets with damaged AA  and identify if a target is using defensive fire
    • Black: Less than 10% AA mounts
    • Green: 10~40% AA mounts
    • Yellow: 41~70% AA mounts
    • Red: 71~100% AA mounts



I'll stop playing for now but will come back later to keep on testing the new CV, up to now I've only received headaches from this new update and only in 1 of my matches I was able to achieve more than 80k damage...because of a detonation resulting in 46k damage.

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I did manage to get a citadel hit with a Ryujo last night.  I dropped from very high altitude instead of very low, so that may have helped. 

The thing that's absolutely killing me is AA from ships of higher tier.  Like, I get that a t8 ship is going to need somewhat decent AA so that it isn't absolutely mauled by a t10 CV, but that same t8 ship is going to just wreck a t6 CV.  This removes all of the attack power from an uptiered CV because you get in one attack run at a higher tier ship and then your whole squadron is dead. 

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