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A bit of clarification please.

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So, with the CV rework and all the associated compensation rules, I noticed yesterday that Halloween permanent camouflages are eligible for doubloon compensation. As it happens I have a "Great Gorgon" lying around. As far as the IJN CV line is concerned I am at Ryujo. I won't be touching these tiers until I get a hang of CVs, so these doubloons could prove more useful in other ways. However it seems you can only sell those camos along with the ship.  No idea if this is a bug or intended, this isn't really the subject.

What I'm wondering is the following. I have some Free XP lying around at the moment; if I Free XP to Shokaku am I eligible to exchange it back for the XP and the doubloon camo, or will I lose all the Free XP in the process?   Based on a rule on the compensation page all the XP I used to get to Shokaku will be moved to the lower tier, so I will lose it, but this will be the first time I will do the exchange.


Aircraft carriers can be exchanged more than once. But all subsequent operations will convert the XP used for researching the ship and its modules across to the associated XP of the ship one Tier below. If you exchange Tier IV carrier, starting with the second operation of this kind, the associated XP will be transferred to Tier I ship.

Looking for some info from people who have done this already, or are aware of something I'm not.

Thanks in advance :Smile_honoring:.

@Femennenly@turbo07 @Gneisenau013 I would appreciate it alot if you could direct me to any text or info I may have missed.

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