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I know it needs balance and wait for the metrics to come in and tweaking. that will happen but been playing since closed beta. and I played cv on the pts round 1 and 3 didn't do around 2 was having pc issues. 

but woah. damn live is a whole new ball game. just played the lex and try getting near a 4-5 ship battle group lol. yes, try in a cv if they are focus's aa your planes are DELETED. yes, you have infinite because if you didn't you just spent say 5 mil credits on a knitting session as a cv. it rocks.

cv's are not overpowered but the game sure is exciting now fast-paced and damn intense. played bb cv bb cv and bb and now taking cruisers out tried tiers 6 7 8 9 so far and up and down. and one thing you do NOT want to do is take your eye off the data. we do need a way to set up say map plan 1 2 3 for cv as its getting boring really fast non-cv players screaming at you to move your going the wrong way and your trying to explain while dodging aa that you will when you can.

now one metric I am interested in is battle speed vs before 8 vs after 8.0 as they seem a hell of a lot faster. overwhelm punch through kill the cv game over.

but overall wargaming thank you. the game just got fun, not sure if good or bad but its intense and damn as the old Chinese proverb states may you live in interesting times. 

I do think those that like slower battle sipping tea may hate this at least what I've seen.  but since 8.0 launch, the battle starts you don't breath for like 8 and its won or lost.





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