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Please make WarGaming Center optional and not mandatory

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The biggest problem with WarGaming center, and it sort of contributes to the pre-existing and ongoing problems with Windows 10 overall, is there are so many things running in the back ground competing for downloading bandwidth. All these things combined, can spell non-functional and non-responding PC very easily.

Windows 10's windows updates are a nightmare. PC owners don't have the choice or ability to stop Windows Update service and automatic reboots.
Other installed apps are also competing for download bandwidth, like itunes and other streaming music and video services.
Finally, WarGaming center also wants a piece of the download bandwidth action.

All of these things combined, impacts the customers experience with everything in their computer, Windows 10, iTunes, and Wargaming games.

Most game developers are silo'd and focused on their own products, with absolutely no care for how Windows 10 and other software products impact WarGaming Center experience as well as how WarGaming Center impacts the customer's experience with Windows, iTunes and other software products. Why? Not their problem.

Call Windows "helpless desk" or ITunes support.

The risk to Wargaming? A mass exodus of players forsaking Wargaming games for WarThunder and other alternative game titles. It happened to EA for less.

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