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so.......Which Tier 4 AAA Capt skill to use now???

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so I have all my capt at ZERO points used (reset) and was looking at some of the AAA spec usage for the better AA ships (us BBs Cruisers and such) as was looking at the two main tier 4 skills... Manual control and AFT....
SO  BOTH?? forgoing CE for the AAA build?? or one, which one and why??
AND is BFT  even more important for AAA builds now???
I was hoping that Flamu or Notser will be putting up some RESKILL/REBUILD vids soon, as was done a year or so ago when there were some other changes that required some serious rebuilds...
I have DM, MO Iowa, Fletcher  Akizuki... just to name the TOP AAA ships right now, Texas too...

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I'm leaning MCAA at the moment, since AFT only boosts flak burst damage which is 1. avoidable, 2. boosting damage that is already great, and 3. a lot of ships have very few flak bursts to begin with. MCAA by contrast is a flat DPS boost. It is early yet, but I'm getting the feeling that AFT for AA really isn't worth the four points. It is too expensive for the return.

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