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MOE flags for ships in WoWS

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I have been curious, ever since I got into WoWS, why don't we have something like MOEs (Marks of Excellence) for our ships? If there is one thing I enjoyed about WoT, it was getting MOEs on my tanks. Also, it was a way to know just how well I was playing a particular tank.

Why couldn't we have special flags or marks for our ships based on how well we play them. For example, the US ships could have Battle E flags and other countries have corresponding flags for their ships. I know while I was in the Navy, we took pride in our Battle E flags as it represented how well we performed as a crew. 

Was wondering if WG would ever think of implementing something like this into WoWS. Of course, I could be the only one who cares about this kind of stuff.

What do you guys think? 

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I believe it unnecessary. TBH the only time I even notice the flags on my ships are when I'm in port. And with the flags being so small, and with ranges we fight at being so long, generally one does not notice what flags another players are using. Marks of Excellence on a tank barrel performs the job of waving one's e-sausage around adequately. A small flag on a warship which your allies and enemies might be several kilometres away from, does not.

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