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Where did the AA info go?

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  You used to be able to hover over the camera icon in port to get the stats of your AA guns.  (and you still can for your other stuff)   Now that function has disappeared.

 Additionally, in the new section below the individual gun mount listings, there is no information at all next to the short, medium and long range columns.

 Where did the info go about range?  Damage?  reload, etc?   How about flak bursts?

 There seems to be something missing here.

  Aside from a lot of the AA power I USED to have, that is...


  Judging from the temperature of all the comments on the boards,  I think I'll just play my tier 1's and 2's for a while.

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yeah happened to me too, scroll over the short, medium, and long range with the mouse and the info is there. 

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