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How current flak system works in game, and why does it work like that?

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so far flak doesn't feel like "flak." It feels more of "traps." I mean, if you think about how flak works

 based on this vid, it looks like WG is approaching flak system with "continuously pointed fire." if you look at 0:39 of this clip, based on WG's iteration, this bomber is dead for sure since you take tons of damage. I mean, shots are fired, and this black smoke is AFTER EFFECT of burst, and yet in game you take tons of damage. 

To me this feels like poison/flame trap in which once flak effect is created, tons of damage is dealt if plane touches that "zone," until the effect(aka smoke) dissipates. I've had number of times where my squadron got wiped out by touching the zone after flak effect has happened and while black smoke is lingering around. No explosions or whatsoever. Just a little of black smokes, and my squad was gone. 

Is this intended?

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