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Overpens are still broken

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I know people are mostly concerned with CV's, and I get that, but I want to make it known that Overpens are STILL broken from whatever they did 2 patches ago. I tested 5 different set of guns in the training room, against BB's, and CA/CL's, and the guns are STILL extremely broken in regards to where a hit lands and where an overpen counts. At no range should striking the upper belt of a broadside BB cause an overpen, and I am testing this in a training room so lag, or not being sure of where my shells land, are totally out the equastion.

Likewise there is still the problem of CA/CL's not taking cit damage when they clearly should. If I'm in my DM broadside at 9 km from a Monty, I should be RIGHTLY nuked; right now they are registering more often than not as 12/12 overpens.

I can surmize that it is largely due two parts 1) Whatever they did to make sure that DD's always take Overpen damage, warranted or not, has screwed up the armor/shell interactions between OTHER ships, so BB's are not damaging each other or cruisers as they should (and frankly, neither are high-velocity/strong AP cruisers, which is what is pissing me off) and 2) Water seems to be FAR less penetrable than it used to be. I at first thought, way back when the patch was released, that the actual issue was that dispersion had been nerfed. I was incorrect: dispersion is fine, but water seems largely impenetrable now (shells must land at ~10 meters or less to still strike, when prior to the patch it was up to ~100 meters, most noticeable when doing close range tests LESS than 1 km away from a target) meaning shells that USED to strike, even for a shatter, on the belt under water, are now just misses, making it feel as though the guns are less accurate. They are not, but the penetration problem needs to be addressed as this is starting to become abusable. I just had a game, again, where I received ~100k in overpen in my Minotaur, which thanks to RN heal, means nothing, 100% recoverable. It is becoming possible to just ignore BB or high velocity cruiser fire by just sitting still in front of them broadside.

The only way to mitigate it, it seems, is to sit VERY far back at range and let overmatch mechanics take over or in the case of high velocity cruisers, bleed off enough penetration over distance to allow SS hits to be full pens. So if you trend towards hiding in the back, you probably have not noticed any change. But if you trend towards pushing, both as the target or as the BB/HV cruiser, you will notice that the pen system is VERY off. Basically, drive at the enemy and go broadside when he shoots. Angling is now BAD, go figure, thanks to overpens happening at about double the rate of full pens.

And while I'm getting a nice boost to wins and survival rates, it is taking me out of the immersion of the game, and has, for the past 2 patches, as it feels REALLY dumb to be able to ignore BB's in a close range cruiser. Whatever they broke, they have got to fix it. I didn't mind being punished when I made a bad turn, and frankly, I won't touch BB's or HV cruisers now because they feel like a waste of time to do anything but hide in the back and snipe with.

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