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Steel Meh-sters Campaign...

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I purchased the PEF when it first came out so I could get a jump on the missions that she was needed for.  Figured I'd get my purchase price back in doubloons which I did. 

Anywho, since I was able to finish all the PEF required missions early I was bored and decided to purchase the Steel Monsters Campaign ($60).  Thought I'd share my results so if anyone is on the fence they can see how someone else made out.  It took me nine days to finish the campaign so I think the six-month limit they put on it is more than enough for anyone, even if you just do co-op.

First, I figured you get back approximately $40 worth in items that can be purchased in the premium shop.  These include (all prices approx): 2019 doubloons ($11.00), 4 big Santa crates ($12.00), 1 mega Santa crate ($5.00) and 28 days of premium ($12.00). I did see some sales in the premium shop that included premium time & doubloons, buy 5 Santa crates for $12.75 rather than 4 for $12, etc. So yes, better deals are available for certain items.

The campaign also included some good camo and flags which are kind of hard to put a dollar value on.  You also sail away with 4,000 in steel which cannot be purchased so I have no idea of a cash value for that.  To me it came down to the crates and what they held.

My Santa crates contained a total of: 20 New Years Streamer camos, 7,500 in coal, 15 hydra flags and 2,000 doubloons.  No ships :-(

All in all I'd say I broke even.  $60 is a lot of money and had I pulled in a premium ship I'd say I had made out like a bandit.  However, in the end I feel it was kinda...Meh...

Good luck to anyone else that tries it.  May your Santa crates be full of wonderful things!!

Semper Paratus!

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Just completed mine today.  Purchased in the $129 bundle.  Ended the whole event with 16k steel (had 600 to start) from campaigns and snowflakes and got a T61 somewhere along the line, not sure if it came from Steel Monsters or Highness

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