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Anyone hit over 5 mil potential damage?

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Just curious if anyone has hit over 5 mil potential  damage in a cruiser yet. 


I've come close twice but can't seem to crack it my highest is around 4.2 mil.

4.1 in Moskva

4.2 in Stalingrad 

I've cracked it in a BB but I am pretty sure someone out there's done it in a cruiser. 

Also don't you think this stat should be present in Main stat page and not just personal so 3rd party sites can record statistis and compare ships and players?

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1 hour ago, OppressorUnion said:


Bow tanking or kiting?

All bow tanking on Tears of the Desert. Team flaked on me at first sight of enemy and ran off so it was bow tank or go broadside to 3 BBs and 2 cruisers.

Red team complimented me in game for how long I stayed alive while the rest of hid behind the islands and barely fired shots at them.

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