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Good BBs for Reworked CV Meta?

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I am curious if anyone knows if some of the AA BBs like Kii will be better, worse, or about the same with the rework? Aside from AFT getting change from +20% to +15%. Have enough Doubloons once my CVs tier 7 and 9 are removed and Doubloons compensated to get a Kii if it would all me to be a BB that CVs will not wish to attack. Tirpitz had been my consideration, but it’s AA is concerning if by some chance the rumor of up to 4 CVs on a team happens on live servers.

Ships like Gneisenau are also of concern since I like taking both it and my Scharnhorst out and at least making a CV pay for their attack runnif not deterring them.  Might as well ask about all the AA BBs since unless rework really shakes things up, we probably will still need BBs that can move up and support the CAs and DDs. Which will be a little difficult to inspire your team to advance if their mighty BB gets blown out of the water by a CV right in front of them. This can result in full retreat by the forces you were trying to coax into capping a base by communicating with them and how you would be up there with them for support.

I could probably use CAs and of course will sometimes, but on some days you just really need a BB to do the job, DDs are helpful to, but their AA is limited, so my DDs may be mothballed for the 1st month of the reworked CVs depending on how it turns out. :Smile_smile:

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