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WOWS Enjoyment - Becoming a "Legend" Faster

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Hey there & Happy New Years All! - Hangglide42 w/ some tips on how to become "Legendary" or "How to get your Legendary Modules Faster".   Legendary Modules are highly specialized upgrade modules for 20 of your T10 vessels (Daring & Harugumo don't yet have them).   You unlock a 5-part Personal Mission for each T10 you have once you play a battle in a particular ship.  The missions to obtain these modules are roughly equivalent to doing a Tier grind at T10 in your ship.  Because the Mission Sequence can be very long and grindy (and expensive since you're doing them in your T10 ships), the following suggestions are meant to help you get thru them in the fewest games possible.

Since their introduction, many have debated about which modules are useful and have noted the heavy grind associated with obtaining these modules.   There are many CC & Streamer postings re: which modules are most useful so this article primarly suggest ways to minimize the number of games you have to play to work thru the 5-part mission sequence to get your Legendary Module.

A complete list of Forum Articles in the links below can be found in WOWS Enjoyment - List of Forum Articles & Guides.

Basic Premise
The basic strategy is to tailor your stacking of the appropriate flags & cammos or play the most efficient game format to complete the mission part in the fewest possible games. The concept and math behind how the signal/cammo bonuses are calculated can be found here.

A couple of suggestions to note - when using your signals and cammos, note the set of missions you'll need to complete.  Some signals/cammos have multiple benefits & can be used in more than one mission - you want to evaluate which mission makes the most efficient use of your signals/cammos (particularly the rarer pennant signals) when using then to minimize games.   Taking this into consideration will help your signals/cammos to last longer and unlock more Legendary Upgrades.

(Note: the # game estimates reflect my own experience solely as a reference - your results may vary based on your player skill and win-rates):

Each of the Mission Parts, strategy and suggestions are listed below.  

Part 1: Earn 100K XP (~15 games w/ Premium Time)

  • Stack XP Boosting Signals & Cammos,
  • Take advantage of Daily Win Bonuses (especially during 100%/200% bonus periods)


  • Premium Cammos for T10 ships offer 100% XP Boosts
  • 400% XP Boost - Mosaic
  • 200% XP Boost - Type 59, Asian Lantern, Spring Sky
  • 125% XP Boost - Stars & Stripes
  • 100% XP Boost - Type 6, Type 3 (Ranked, Halloween, New Years), New Years Streamer, Frosty Fir, Women's Day, Union Jack, Eagles/Sharks, Battle Hardened, Valentines, La Fheile Padraig, Sci Fi Space, Azure Lane Siren, Gamescom 2018
  • 75% XP Boost - Victorious, Shadow Lurker, Storm Wind, Steam Victory Salute
  • 50% XP Boost - Usually these cammos are more useful for the other bonuses provided (i.e. silver, Free XP) so they won't be listed


  • 100% XP Boost - Red Dragon, Hydra
  • 75%-50% XP Boost - Basilisk, Scylla, Leviathan, Equal Speed Charlie London


Part 2: Earn 8 Million Credits    (~12 games w/ Premium Time)

  • Stack Silver Earning Signals & Cammos (note: the Repair reduction signals don't apply here since gross Silver earnings are used by WG for calculations)


  • Premiums Cammos for T10 ships offer 20% Silver earning bonuses
  • 50% Silver Boost - Meritorious Service, Gamescom (older version)
  • 30% Silver Boost - Revolutionary
  • 20% Silver Boost - Hunter, Ocean Soul, FTW
  • 10% Silver Boost - Fall Cornucopia, Blue Lagoon


  • 50% Silver Boost - Wyvern
  • 30% Silver Boost - Basilisk
  • 25% Silver Boost - Scylla
  • 20% Silver Boost - Leviathan, Zulu


Part 3: Earn 15K Free XP (~3 games w/ Premium Time)

  • Stack Free XP Boosting Signals & Cammos
  • Take advantage of Daily Win Bonuses (especially during 100%/200% bonus periods)


  • 777% FXP Boost - Spring Sky
  • 555% FXP Boost - Asian Lantern
  • 314% FXP Boost - Pi Day
  • 300% FXP Boost - Tokyo Game Show
  • 250% FXP Boost - Commander's Day
  • 200% FXP Boost - New Years 2017
  • 150% FXP Boost - Shadow Lurker
  • 100% FXP Boost - Stars & Stripes, New Years Streamer, Womens Day, Victorious, Victory Salute, Clash of Fire Fire/Water, WOWS Anniversary, Gamescom 2018
  • 75% FXP Boost - Storm Wind, Steam
  • 50% FXP Boost - Frosty Fir, Union Jack, Eagles/Sharks. Meritorious Service


  • 777% FXP Boost - Ouroboros
  • 300% FXP Boost - Papa Papa
  • 200% FXP Boost - Leviathan
  • 100% FXP Boost - Hydra


Part 4: Win 15 Battles (~15 games w/ Premium Time - 16 if you get unlucky)
The strategy here is to maximize your W-L ratio so the total is fewer games.

  • Play Co-op - This is the optimal strategy - short games, a 100% win rate (or nearly so) but the downside is that you will lose silver w/ every game so your silver reserves need to be sufficient to adopt this strategy.
  • To mitigate economy losses in silver, you may want to use Economic flags which boost silver earning or reduce repair costs. This option is only viable if you can afford a fair number of games w/ Silver earning losses.  This is not as uncommon as it may seem as many players who begin unlocking T10s have beaten the Silver currency threshold and have sufficient silver resources to do this.
  • If Co-op play is not an option due to your silver resources, you may have to play up to double the 15 game minimum number of games depending on your typical win-rate.


Part 5: Earn 40K Base XP (~25 games w/ Standard or Premium Time)
No Stacking strategies here - just need to play as many "good" games and get as many "wins" in the higher earning game formats (e.g. Random Battles or Ranked) as you can.

The game estimates shown take into account a reasonable number of the high return Signals/Cammos are available and are for a Premium Account for a player w/ a good, but not Unicum level of win rate.   It would reasonably take up to 70 games (give or take based on your actual play skill level) to earn a typical Legendary Upgrade Module. 

I hope this outline helps you reduce the number of games you'll need to invest as you earn your Legendary Upgrade! 

Good Luck, Have Fun & o7!


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1,006 posts
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2 hours ago, RipNuN2 said:

Premium time has no effect on Part 5, otherwise a good writeup.

Yup - I left the Premium time in to be consistent re: the suggestions for the other phases since swapping between a Standard & Premium account given the sheer number of games would not be very likely — reworded the last mission as per your suggestion to clarify.

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Yea they need to know also that this module works differently than other modules on one key way that is not pointed out anywhere and at least for those of us who have dropped money into this free to play game it is sheathing and offensive to say the least! Once you have made the grind as hangglide42 so excellently described and you mount it do yourself a favor and dont unmount it unless you are willing to pay money to do so! A common thing most of us do when swapping out modules is we sell the module in place and just rebuy it if we need to mount it again. Unfortunately if you do that with the legendary module you in fact have sold it and it is GONE and if you want it to stay in your inventory you have to pay doubloons to hang onto! If that happens the only way to get it back is to open a support ticket and request it be put back which will oddly only cost you the coin as any other module would but the problem is you can only do this once every six months. It is a lowball tactic by War Gaming in hopes we will spend real cash and that might not be so bad if they would have made it clear in the beginning that was how it would work, but they was silent and trust me when you talk to support they are rude and unforgiving about it and the impression I got is they could care less!

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