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The original Lightning tackles the credit grind; a love confession.

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Blyskawica and me have a special connection. She was the first premium I bought and is my most played ship by quite a margin. I got her the first time she became available after the removal of stealthfire. She was a workhorse, a true jack of all trades for tier VII and a source of many great battles for me.

But as I progressed and got more and sometimes better premiums I barely used her anymore. The P.E.F credit grind brought up the idea of using her to complete the "Poland" section of the grind; I loaded her up with some credit flags and put on her the pretty "Meritorious Service" camouflage for the extra bonuses.

After little less than two hours I was done with the grind. Not only did I have fun, but I realized Blyska still holds up to the test of time. She isn't the greatest tier VII DD the game has seen, but she still gets the job done; be it punishing enemy DDs with her accurate main battery and setting fires on BBs, or using her quick reloading torpedoes to surprise opponents.

The last battle, albeit a defeat, finished my grind and I found myself wanting to keep on playing her despite the late of night or the completion of my objective. So to you, my beloved Blyska I offer this thread as thanks for carrying me in 173 battles.  :Smile_honoring:

The Meritorious camouflage on her:



My final battle in her:


Thanks for taking the time to read my love confession to pixels and polygons in the shape of a ship. And don't forget, give your old ships a chance, they may happily surprise you :cap_like:.


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