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Aircraft Hybrids? Is

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hey there,


With the new CV rework and, especially, how the catapult fighter works, one weird type of ship can become useful: that Aircraft Cruisers. You know, those are the bastard son of Cruiser or Battleship with CV. From what we see in the rework, they would be quite easy to introduce and, depending of the population of CV player, they may even be quite useful for a team. The global mechanics can be quite easy to put in place: be it with an improved version of catapult fighter (less cooldown and more duration) or 2 consumable catapult fighter, to make them into some kind of AA specialist. But what ship would go in it?

First: the Tone Class



It's the love child of the CA Mogami and... CV I guess. Could work well into some Tier 8 specialized CA, I guess.


Second: Ise class battleship


Originally an improved version of the Fuso class, they where heavily modified to have a flight deck while retaining 4x2 352 mm. Not that big of a punch, but at Tier 6 it could work fairly well.


Those are probably some of the most famous, but plan to do so where everywhere at some point (Jean Bart conversion was studied, and various British ships where studied in that regard. If in the current meta they would fare quite badly, they may well be a more AA focus style of ships and, depending on the population increase of the CV player base, could become useful.

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Tone as a model has been in the game for quite a while; hopefully she will be reconsidered


As for Ise, she exists in WoWs Blitz as a reward ship.

Ironically the playstyle looks like the RTS style. It could make it into the game here as a sort of "fire and forget" weapon, with you setting an enemy as a target and the rest is automated.

I hope once AA and CVs get figured out finally we may get a glimpse of them.

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I've thought this would be freaking fantastic to have, but post rework is gonna be hard. After 8.0 you will always be in control of your squadron, using wsad. In a BB that wont work. You dont have to micro in this game like you do an fps, but controlling a squadron and playing a bb is way too much even for a crazy experienced player. 


This leaves two options. AI controlled planes, which might work with a little bit of programming and a lot of spare planes, or the BB launches fighters


Either way, they look really fun and have wanted Ise in my port ever since her release in WoWs blitz, but with the current CV rework, it's a lot harder to find a reasonable way to do it

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