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Server connection failed, disappointed with WoWs software/server performance

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Earlier tonight, the connection to the server failed (after the match-maker placed me in a co-op game wherein I was the only human player) and the connection couldn't be re-established soon enough.
I say "soon enough", because the game, once I was able to re-connect, informed me that I'd been given a 3-game penalty for unsporting conduct (leaving a game early and being away from keyboard) even though I did not intentionally do so.

After being a "pink ship" (to raise breast-cancer awareness?) for the three games, and playing another battle, the WoWs software locks-up/freezes and my computer required a complete re-boot.

The WoWs software & server system acts wonky and then players are penalized for it (adding insult to injury).

World of Warships, I am disappointed with the game's performance and its' unreliable connection service.

I expect you, WoWs, to diagnose the problem(s) and improve your performance.

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It is 2300 hours here and I have been playing WoWs since 5 am and have not had any disconnect the whole time!

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I am always happy to complain but I joined WOW just a few month ago and have virtually no connection problems. And I am in South Florida, where power and Internet quality are barely above 3rd world standards. The few disconnects I had allowed me to log back in fast enough to rejoin the game with one single exception for which i got a penalty as I recall. .

If you have so many problems may I suggest to check for issues on your end?

Not playing over WIFI for example, PC up to snuff. No shaky wiring etc.

Just my 3 cents,




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