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The $1.00 Boat Wins Again

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Even though my team tried very hard to lose, the winning Cossack comes through again.

Game starts and eight of the team camp west of A.  Three stay in the middle west of B (one being the CV), and I go to C.

At least five red push into C while I spot and delay.  Red get B too, while our team still camps west of A.

Fast forward 15 minutes and red hold B, C while those remaining greens decide to push into A. 

We are only down 600+ points and I have 89 HP left.

I grab B, but we need to kill the CV to win.


Lucky for us the last red BB and DD push into the green blob when red have ~950 points and two caps.

I get C and our CV finds their CV.  

With 1:12 left on the clock and the points 721:918, the last red burns to the water line.





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No kills, top of the pops.  Who said DDs aren't rewarded for DD tasks.  Nicely done!


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