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Youtube, Twitch and video producers

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Thanks for reading and if this doesn't apply to you, great -

    As a community, we appreciate the efforts of players /CC to produce video content for WOWS. The guide videos, review and instructions are fantastic. HOWEVER, over the past few months Ive noticed a trend - and not a good one. Many people who provide videos are becoming less helpful/ instructional and becoming more condemning and abusive to other players. Some time ago, a new player could go and watch any of the main streamers and get good instructions like: "Ok, you see that guy, he made a bad choice. He is setting himself up for a broadside." Lately, that same info is given as: "Wow. Look at that dumb***. What a stupid ****. This guys should uninstall." Now, I understand not everyone will see this as a problem. I do. Some of the biggest names on WOWS Video producing have fallen prey to their own egos. The better they become, the more they crucify other players mistakes... I get it. There are many people who make themselves feel better by putting others down - its gonna happen. Im simply asking those who produce community videos to please back off the insulting 10 year old behavior and get back to producing content that is helpful, fun and furthers community development.

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This is because, much like the news, WoWs videos have ceased to be informative and become entertainment. The actual information people need for playing the game has been amply covered long ago, so now it is a race to the bottom to keep the great unwashed masses watching.

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