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launching fighters after carrier is dead.

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I noticed today that even if the carrier is dead, if you have aircraft in the air and they have a fighter consumable (T) left, you can still launch fighters to the area using T even though there is no carrier to launch them from.

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I myself feel that unless its some form of ordnance like shells or torpedos they can go to completion but aircraft?...they should die (just as any ship in which it originally launched from) dies the very second it is out of the game.  Its bye bye time when that happens...now some feel the other way but if you do..I propose this...any ship which has a plane a flying and their host ship sinks..you become a Captain to a pilot to until you are dead as well. If you had a spotter or catapault..you could continue the game being somewhat useful to your team. Nice change of pace also eh?  If your a CV captain..you do the same...get useful...with the redesign THAT could become a reality if they so desired. Also make the planes totally controllable in 3d space and also have crash detection of mountains and islands.   Did I miss anything else....???  Oh yeah...ships with no planes...I offer those in that situation with power boats so you can be very stealthy and spot. 


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