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WOWS 3D Models and Unity [Help]

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Not sure which section this belongs to, but Off-Topic is always a safe bet.


Anyway, I was hoping to mess around with some 3D models of ships and generally just have some fun putting things where they shouldn't. I don't plan to use these models in-game (Yamato turrets on tier 1 Katori anyone), just to screw around. 


My issue is, I'm a complete and utter novice at:

A. Unity 

B. 3D Models 

I need to figure out how to import 3D ship models into Unity. I've messed around, but haven't had any luck. I downloaded the models from places like here. Any help would be very much appreciated. Be sure to put it into simple terms, I haven't figured Unity out yet.


- Kitty.

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I highly doubt you will get any WG modeled ships into any 3d program as those models are licensed. You would be better off to search the internet for 3d models like TurboSquid and others.  Another way is to buy a cheap 3d scanner and buy some toy models and scan them off to assemble to what you want.  The main thing is the file format as there are plenty of different ones. - DXF probably being the oldest and others like 3dS max.  which were quite popular. But there are conversion programs but some conversion do not always work as they should either.  


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