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Something Amiss with my Personal Assignments.

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Last week I was grinding my Worcester to get the legendary but now it is gone and I have not yet got the legendary for my Des Moines but it to is missing from my assignments. Also there is a mission called Gold Rush on Massachusetts, I select my Massachusetts but when I look at the assignment it tells me I dont have any ships that match the criteria. Is there something wrong here or am I missing something?

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The personal assignments could be glitching out because of the date change. If they don't come back tomorrow, or if your progress gets reset, submit a ticket.

The gold rush missions, however, are given to players who have the Black versions of the premiums, but can only be completed in the regular version of the ship. It's to make spending money on, or getting a duplicate of, a pallet swap of a ship you already own sting less.

(Though I'm sure WG wouldn't complain if you bought the regular version to get those dubloons. I don't think it's worth it, but that's just me.)

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