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2019 Looking ahead, by analysing the past *CRITIQUE* Thread

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Fair warning ahead of time,

The following is the views and opinion of one long time player who loves the game.  Its ok to disagree with my view points expressed. Its ok to agree partially with the post or you understand exactly what this post is meant to be. An open perspective on where WOWS can do better. 

For the mods who read the post

IF you agree with any view point content on this thread, send it up to the correct dept. for review. 

For  everyone else

I am open to add to this point if I missed anything that is important to you. Mind you, it has to be something relevant, not just "DDs are over powered" for example.


In my view, I see two game killers in this area

  1.  Inflation of the in game currency
  2. Hard to get/grind feel currency in where you can't by anything good with the amount of work you put in.

In my gaming experience, Inflation is a killer. I don;t see a real effort to combat in game currency inflation, a balance has to be made to where value is not diminished over time in favor of the grindy feel.

My view, when a game is chore. Then its no longer fun. I recommend to have this reviewed to come up with solutions to bring it back to fun. 

On point number two, *Copper*. Copper is a "why is this commodity in the game" moment. You grind-ed so hard and now you have some copper YET, nothing good to spend i on. Bummer! The player is no different then say me who can't grind like him, all that work for a commodity that has no value suck.

CV Rework,

In my view, the work is in its infancy. While we're in a transition period. Veteran players left the class in 2018. Can the rework bring in new players to enjoy the CV class ? Not if their balance dept. haven't given any guidance/boundaries/rules  as to how the relationship with the other class ships will happen. When this occurs,  its a vicious circle, its not healthy.

IF the above point is not met, then CV rework 3.0 the return of RTS will take shape for the end of 2020!

*see the balance portion for more in-dept view.

Balance between Ship Classes.

four things will kill the game out right in the section.

  1. You can't have a ship class with limited or no treats in a particular tier.
  2. You can;t have a ship class with one battery salvo kill abilities,
  3. You can;t show favoritism with any class ship. Which means, all play styles/conditions you faced from tier 1 to 6 should remain from tier 7 and up.
  4. MM can not compensate when having to many/to little over-capable or support ships (cruiser and BBs) in queue to having them on equally on each teams.

Compared to last year, in my view, upper tiers need to be rework/balanced. Its not a fun experience compared to say tier 6 and below. Its so bad this year, even tier 8 players are complaining. They have a valid point. The Kutuzov is no longer over-capable ship anymore, her nerf in shots in smoke state is worse hen say US cruiser ship with the same caliber guns.

At tier 8 and above, the amount of DMG a BB can do with one salvo is way to much.

Cruisers in these tiers is why DD play has changed so much, its the main reason BB drivers complain of HE spam (they're only treat other then other BB guns, then lastly torps). Its the main reason DDs are reduced to an Asashio role of Spotting/capping/praying to hit something with torps with an 8% torp hit ratio.

IMO this is an unsustainable product. I do recommend for the fun factor, implement the same factors/conditions you face from tier 1-6.

Also see the *CC Narration* section

Lack of game modes or modes we  dont like.

This is a valid point from he community who post on Youtube videos.

  • Epicenter is not fun, its the most dislike game mode in the game 
  • Game modes should no be a permanent.

One of the things WOWS have tried to do is introduce new modes to the game. Great move. Just don make it permanent, any game mode regardless of how good it is becomes stale over time.

I also recommend to use of AUX/liberty ships to convey the concept better.

Biased Narration of ships by CCs.

This one I just noticed,

Some CCs/WOWS players or influence-rs,  when doing their commentary of WIP ships, will do so in a biased way.  Their opinions on these ships do affect the end product balance on the live server.

I recommend, balance Dept have rules/guidelines instead of selling over capable ships just to make a quick buck.

I am not saying opinions should not matter, however. Some opinions are affecting the balance of certain class of ships out of favoritism. Then without rules/guidelines, we will end up with ships classes that just dont work.

*refer back to the balance part of the post


I'll add more as I come across any issue deemed serious    

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