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Moment of silence for a game that is shuting down soon

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It was announced today that at the end of January that Battlestar Galatica Online will be shutting down its servers. Granted this is no surprise because the servers have been on maintenance mode for the last couple years but it is sad to hear. This is the first game I got to be in Closed Alpha Test with and I played for the first 2 years before taking a several year break, I was lucky to join a very large, yet well organized Wing (Clan in this game) that had some great people and one was one of the few games I logged onto just to hang out and shoot the breeze rather than play the game. I returned to this game every so often when I take breaks from other games and I've been playing for the last month while I took a break from this WoWS. I am oddly sad to hear the news because I had such a great experience playing this game, mainly because the player base was just so much fun through the years (although very sarcastic at times). I've played many online games and been in a few Alphas and Betas but this game will hold a special place with me because the friends I made. I will use whatever game currancy I have left to buy every premium bullets, missile and consumable along with all the Nukes I can carry, many players hold the same sentiment and looks like we will make the game go out in a bright radiation filled bang.


I plan to spend more time in the game and play till the end, I got lucky enough to see the game start, I was there when it held the record for most players online, and I will be there in the end to watch the screen go blank

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