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A bug playing Midway and my observation regarding T4

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Playing the Midway in Co-Op to day.. finished the first wave of rocket carrying planes and pressed F to return to carrier however could NOT get any more planes into the air..  the auto fighter feature worked ok... 


Logged out and back in however nothing helped...


My observation at T4 is they need torp planes...




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Yep, I've gone back to the T4s to give them another try, and I cannot make the Langley work at all. I end up with some descent damage, but taking out a BB is largely impossible on your own, and Cruisers and DDs are endless journeys back and forth. With BBs you can't ever get more than 1 fire most times, and the bombs hardly do any damage on top of being harder to deliver, and taking longer over the target. I realize they have more HP, but I don't think they're going to survive more than 2 drops on live.

Having to push through this all the way to Tier 6 sounds more and more brutal.


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