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CV Rework From My Point of View

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Ever since World of Warships went into Open Beta, the aircraft carrier has always been my favorite ship, mainly due to my love for aviation.

By far I have played CVs the most out of any ship in the game, i just love the idea of sending airplanes out to do tasks from a central air base.

Anyways, my thoughts:

I like the changes they've made to the dropping system, it was my biggest complaint about the RTS style of carriers in that the bomb and torpedo drops were not skill based enough. Now they are super skill based, and I love it.

Consumables on aircraft is also a very nice addition, something i've always wanted in the past.

However, that's where the pros end for me personally. The CV rework is just plain boooooooring. No other words to describe it.

After a few matches, I can't stand going back into another game with the CV, it is that boring. Mainly due to it's extreme repetitiveness. Many times I just wanted to quit the game because I got bored so fast.

I'm saddened, honestly i'm not sure how you can make CVs non RTS and have them not get boring, wish there was a solution.

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