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Need some help picking what DD line to go next

what DD line next?  

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  1. 1. what dd line next

    • RN DD line
    • German DD Line
    • Pan Asian DD line

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I have finish off all other DD line and trying to decide what line next i have three left UK/German/Pan Asian 

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Germans are pretty fun due to their fast reloading torps and hydro.  Their torp range/damage tends to not be as good as their competition.  The hydro really doesn't start being really good for DD hunting until tier 8 or 9.  That is where the range gets far enough out that your smoke firing window isn't super small.    With Radar being in most matches in the higher tiers, and the CV rework, your hydro for DD hunting loses a lot of its value.   Still, if you can get into a favorable match/fight, it is pretty powerful.


PA DDs are pretty solid.   I hate the fact you can't torp DDs, but the ability to hit everyone else is higher.  If you are use to US DDs and their arcs, you will feel at home in the higher tiers.  Having more smoke allows you to be a bit more aggressive, and use it to either farm some BB you just torped, or to get out of a bad spot.  A very solid line.  Sadly the YY was smashed with the nerf bat 2? patches ago, so stopping at the chung mu isn't a bad idea.  Its basically a fletcher with DWT and no DFAA.


I am working my way up the RN DD currently, and i can't say i am enjoying that much.   Maybe part of my issue is that i have been playing them during the holidays(thanksgiving and now), which means you are on a lot of questionable teams.  Up through tier 7, and the torp range is pretty meh to bad.   Torp reload is long.   Stealth torping window is small.  I try using my smoke to do a lot of quick pop and squats, trying to start fires and what not but my RNG doesn't seem to be favorable.  The ballistics aren't impressive either.   The damage from the guns themselves are pretty good.   I hear the lightning is the highlight of the line, and i hope so.   If its another dud for me, i may just not play them until i finish the other 5 lines i am working on(they are all tier 8 or up)



anyways, which one sounds the most appealing to you.  Is there a play style you prefer in your DDs?

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Not sure how the CV rework will affect DDs. From the PTS being spotted all the time looks terrible. I would maybe play DDs that don't depend on stealth if you must.

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German DD line is a bit tricky: big con, nice gunboat so don't rush to cap you need to look around first.

RN dd line pretty standard line good gunboats and from bigger tiers u can stealth torp.  be careful with that short 30s smoke. Its really just for deff and run concept. And there are som shiny gems in that tech tree.

Pan-Asian. Very good, opposing RN DD you have puff puff puff puff puff smoke so you can use the advantage of this slow moving still shooting from the smoke concept. Lots of time you ll cry for deep water torp so meet enemy DD is just gun or die mode 

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Up to what you want to play at top tier.


- get hydro with T6, 5.9km spotting range for ships at T10, up for 2m15s with the special hydro modul

- not very nimble

- KM smoke is garbage

- good guns in a good layout with the Z-52

- torpedos reloads fast but are low damage wise

- WG things they are fat, so AP does more damage to you then to other DD

- Z-52 is a excellent support boat for caps

- You have to respec your captain at least once, T8 needs another build then T9/10 because of the 150mm guns. And yes, keeping the 128mm on your T8 is a waste, you are missing one rifle and that makes the grind harder


- very mixed bag of ships since they are from many different nations.

- deepwater torps, enemy DD are immune, but you hit more often enemy BB since the detection range is low

- you can lay smoke for a extrem long time, but the smoke duration is normal. Oh, and then you can lay smoke again, reload is short too, so much that they nerfed this very early for T9/10

- T9 is a Fletcher class, T10 a Sumner class (Gearing is a variation of this ship type), both can choose short range radar instead of smoke

- T10 was so good that the nerf her RoF


- up to T6 they are garbage

- you can choose tight spread torpedos or single launch

- T8 is considered by many the highlight of the line. Stealthy, good torps, good guns

- smoke is rather defensive to run away then offensive, small number of puffs and short duration

- they bleed off only a small amount of speed when they turn

- they get hydro but opposide to the KM it's only standart range

- no speedboost

- the get heal with T9

- I skipped T9 but have the Daring. Not good, but also not bad, you get lot's of dakka, but lose stealth



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24 minutes ago, Erebthoron said:


- I skipped T9 but have the Daring. Not good, but also not bad, you get lot's of dakka, but lose stealth



I'm really liking the Jutland. Both of its front turrets can traverse 360°. I wish there were more ships capable of that.

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The Daring is my favorite DD and I have them all.  I like how the smoke is used.  I mean nowadays you cant really smoke up other ships anyways so it being a defensive measure makes it perfect.  IFHE is a must though lets be clear.  I also like the z52 because you can bully caps unless there are a million radars which happens sometimes but it has good AP and I enjoy it.  The Yueyang being nerfed kinda sucks but i guess its still fun.  For me Tier 6 and below of all of these ships aren't great.  and for the germans the 8 sucks and the 8 in PA sucks.  other than that the rest are cool lol

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I would say the Pan Asian because it gives you deep water torp capable boats, nice having torps that can't be seen from space!  They are a mixed bag of ships along the line with the t9 Chung Mu probably being the stellar boat on the list. I have enjoyed playing most of them.  Most are decent gun boats.

Learning the YueYang at the moment.. interesting and I wish I could have played it before they took the nerf bat to her. 

Germans are solid all around performers, although personally I've yet to find my way the Z-52.. I actually like the 46 better. 

I also like the RN line the lightning and Cossack are fun to play and I'm looking forward to the Jutland and Daring also.  I would say gun boats with reasonable torps which in capping these days means a bunch.

Also must admit these days playing DD's is pretty brutal between Radar and hydro sometimes it's just not real fun.  Half the time you are getting criticized for not "doing" something e.g. spotting or capping etc.. and the other half your getting criticized for actually doing those things and getting deleted. LOL.

Good luck, all the lines present some form of "challenge"..



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I say RN line. sure they don't have engine boost consumable, but the speed in which they accelerate , allows them to get out of immediate danger far easier than most other DDs.

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