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Musashi or other options?

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How much lasting joy have you gotten from musashi?  Worth $30usd for actual fun? 

Think it’ll be good in arms race? (I think not) 

Is it really boring to park in one spot? 

Does the t9 slot/mm matter? I’m sure it [edited] on t7 but does that really happen that often? 

I don’t foresee cvs being that popular so not worried about AA. 


What are are the other options too? 

How do you get each of these? 

Jean Bart, Burgourgne, neustrazimy? 

Not interested in battlecruisers I think. 

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JB- Coal

Baloney... I mean Bourgogne you get via steel (30K steel [edited])

Neutered... I mean Neustrazimy we don't know yet i'm fairly certain.

Speaking on the T9 bracket, you'll be in T10 80% of the time which is perfectly fine for the reward premiums here as they're head-and-shoulders stronger than tech tree T9s on the whole (surprise surprise right?) but yes, facing T7 is just comedic.  I've done some hilarious things in my Kron against T7 BBs, it truly does feel unfair.

CVs i guarantee you will become a problem after the rework at least for a time, but that's just my guess.

Yamato can be boring at times which is why I don't stick to her.  Then again, all I do is hop around never truly learning my T10 ship well enough because I've yet to find T10 play that isn't static and dreadful aside from Kurfurst LOL.

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I have only used a Musashi a little so far since I just got her recently, but have used Yamato a long time and love using her. And Musashi while considered a slightly nerfed Yamato still seems to measure up well enough so far for me.

And let’s not forget the upcoming Ranked Season for tier 9 that will be regular Ranked instead of a Sprint. Being able to bring Yamato caliber main guns into such a Ranked Season could give you a nice little edge with the way that 18.1’ AP shell can slice through even bow on armor. Other BB I expect will be plentiful will be Missouri which only gets 16’ guns.

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Yammy and Musashi really don't have many differences...

25mm aa gun batteries are garbage, signma is barely noticable most of the time. You make more credits on sashi than you do with yammy with prem camo. 

Musashi is a printing press, totally worth it. 

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I got the Musashi with coal a few days back. No regrets so far, having a blast with her.. until you end up in a CV match that is..

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Tier 10 hull and guns squeezed into tier 9. Prolly the strongest BB in tier 9 sprint.

HMS Lion has a greater potential health pool with her zombie heal, but lacks the armor and firepower to dev strike anything she sees.

The lack of CVs in ranked will be a great boon for Musashi.

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