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How do I know it's the weekend?  People over using the w-s hacks.

Slowing, stopping, reversing, and then forwards again, or variants, totally legit tactic, but... man, people really overuse it.   Folks - many of us watch your stacks (hey, baby, how YOU doin'?), we can tell when you are playing with your speed to throw off our aim.  It works because it takes a bit of time to notice and adjust, but when you do it too often, it makes you and easy target.  Same with playing peekaboo behind islands -  first couple times you'll get away with it - after that, people are ready to snipe you. 

Keep it unexpected.

Also - sometimes, you're better off to risk a broadside exposure than to spend ten minutes backing up - bow tanking only goes so far, and quicker ships (CL's and DD's), will flank you.  If you overshoot your smoke, it's usually best to keep going and curve back to or behind it - slowwwwwwwwwwly stopping and creeping back into it is a bad idea.

Trust me - I've made enough mistakes for all of us.

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