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Aim point and turret alignment >> shell impact spread

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I noticed mostly with Iowa and Bismarck that when broadside to a BB or cruiser, the shells launched do not head towards the aim point, but align mostly with your ships's X axis (longitudinal), either side of the aim point. The elevation works OK, and the in the horizontal plane you can keep the group constrained between the bow and stern of the target, if you have the lead correct.

But, the impact spread basically is distributed proportional to the distance between your fore and aft turrets.

The dispersion ellipse should be spread around the center of the fire director aim point, not affected by the separation distance between the fore and aft turrets. But since it is on my Bismarck, for instance, and the Saint Louis,, that means each turret is not actually aiming at the center of the fire director optics operator aim point.

The effect is much less on short ships like the Charlie Martel, but the same guns on the St Louis result in a different consistent, more spread out impact area on the target, and this spread's x-axis (with y axis being short and long impacts from elevation dispersion) follows the relative orientation of the firing ship longitudinal axis.

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Its the placement of your guns.


Try this in a training room.....

Take a ship like your Bismark. Select a broadside target. Now fire off only your foward turrets and take note the angle they fly. Now fire your rear turret and note the angle to which it flies.

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I saw a suggestion once to fire a full broadside with the ship angled to reduce the horizontal distance between the fore and aft turrets.  I have done no empirical testing to determine if doing so has any affect whatsoever on horizontal dispersion, but it is an interesting theory.

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