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Some Thoughts about PT CV

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First of all I would like to reserve all my comments about should this rework go on or not because NaCl.

1. AA

Played several grozovoi game, and CV do consistent damage to grozovoi with or without AA skill activated. I have no problem with CV even deleting DD who does not have DFAA because that's what used to be and that's what should be, but at least DD need something to counter CV, at least make the bombs/ rockets harder to hit.

2-3 ships sticking together will provide a decent concentration of mid/long-range AA smokes, and can shoot down several CV's plane. I didn't play a lot CA in PT but final game data-wise, CA can shoot down a lot of planes.

So as a conclusion, DFAA need some buff but AA damage? They might be fine.


2. Fighters

The fighters mechanic is not that miserable as expected, on thing is I'm determined to div with a CV at 8.0 so that he can put some fighters on me. I can see how different player skills will result in different time and location to use fighters, and that will cause significant impact on team.


3. CV-DD relationship

In this paragraph I'm discussing unicun v. unicun CV game and competitives

Role-wise, CV and DD are similar, before and after, mainly b/c their spotting role.

What makes DD unique and still useful against CV is DD's ability to hold cap, and some DD(mainly grozovoi)'s ability to provide AA support.

DFAA's significant effect on accuracy makes DD w/ DFAA playable in CV games. Because you have to go alone for a while to cap or do things, and only DFAA can save you under CV strike.

After the rework, although CV's ability to do damage at multiple places is reduced to 0, they can still cause a lot of trouble to DD because CV squad's high speed.

Yes it is true that in 12v12 CV might not want to bother you and if they do they'll spend a lot of time; if they start bother you stick with teammate and call your CV's fighter for support.

But I as a DD player want at least some ability in my hand to limit CV's action on me, and I as a DD player want some ability to impact the result of CV game instead of sitting around teammate. This problem was not solved and will not be solved in 8.0 if nothing changed.

In kots, yes, I can be just a smoke screen skill and a capping tool, because I trust my team and can give my back to them. But in random I have to do something other than that to win.


4. exp and credits gained...

You are not serious about PT's exp and credits are you.......



5. game environment

PT server has way to much CV's and that will be the biggest bias in everything I said above: with a 12v12 game and less CV per game, CV's effect might be much insignificant to DD. Everything I said is just based on what I see in PT.

But yea of course, 0.8.0 won't be comfortable to play at all.

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