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Advice For Kronshtadt Captain?

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Since I managed to net Kronshtadt before it went away, I'm wondering if I should use one of the specialized Soviet captains for her.

Currently, I have Alexander Ovechkin (improved survivability expert and expert marksman) and Viktor Znamensky (improved preventative maintenance, high alert, and expert marksman). I doubt I should use Ovechkin, so that only leaves Znamensky.

What is the recommended Kronshtadt build, and how does it change if you use Znamensky?

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I mostly don't have specialized captains in premium ships. That being said, I slot in my Moskva captain(19pts)(Mostly use Moskva for clan battles):

Priority target, Preventive maintenance, Expert marksman, Adrenaline rush, Demolition expert, Superintendant, Survivability expert, Concealment expert.

Survivability expert is debatable on worth having. Thinking of getting Expert loader, as switching ammo types on the fly is nice.

That's my build for Moskva/Kronshtadt. Others may have different/better builds.

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