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Steel Campaign feedback

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I first want to address the concept before this specific campaign value as I feel they're separate concerns to some degree.

The missions were what I expected, basically fairly simple if you've got a few tier X ships of various classes.  It doesn't make sense otherwise given the price, frankly.  I didn't have any difficulty completing everything with honors.  I was not upset by this on the whole, my goal for such campaigns regarding "fun" is missions that are achievable but require different play styles rather than luck based ones or anti-team gameplay inducing requirements or long arduous grinds.  On this front, it's pretty decent but it maybe erred on the side of ease a bit too much.

Regarding rewards outside of steel, I feel the campaign missed a critical area which is some form of cosmetics.  A unique perma camo for a tier X, a cool flag with economic bonuses on it, maybe just a third camo color variant on a line.  This is what the campaign really missed for me, because the resources are fleeting.  Lastly, having a premium ship campaign that maybe comes with a unique camo and the ship is a better alternative to the $120 bundle stuff to get people playing the game more.  This would have been much better than the "B" ships for Black Friday and would have provided dozens of missions to keep busy.

Finally the value - quite frankly I think it was overpriced as delivered.  The oddity here is steel since it's rare and relatively new.  That said, the time investment in the campaign wasn't high, the rewards ephemeral and the steel of dubious utility for some players.  Plus, due to the way steel is spent, it could just as easily buy you the ship you want three months early, or literally never have any value for you years down the road because the extra amount of steel never synchs up with new ships for you before the next chance for you personally to earn steel - and this is something we as players generally can't know.

Overall I'd rate the concept an A (I like having something to do and the missions were fun enough to get me to play a few different ships to "solve the puzzle" efficiently).  I'd rate the rewards a C (nothing quirky or cosmetic or lasting).  I'd rate the value a D+.  Unfortunately, with the sporadic availability of steel ships and steel itself, some players may never see any tangible benefit from this excess steel after having paid for it.  Now maybe the campaign is just always available for purchase, but then the value for WG won't be there the next time after people realize this and don't buy it early due to permanent availability.

Ultimately, the camos, crates and flags were just not exceptional or unique and everything could be used up in one weekend unlike a $60 premium ship or piles of crates from the store that tend to give more tangible value with permanent rewards whether direct or through the collection of the season.

So overall I'd rate this campaign a C+ with the hope of further development of the concept.

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