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8.0 Carrier Rework

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Uh toouch vodka.  Honestly, my only gripe with carriee game play was it wasn't rewarding.  IE on a great carrier match I scored less everything than on my worst BB match. 

Less XP. Less credits. Less rewards.

I didn't mind the game play much as it takes more effort to run a CV than any other ship type. The intro article for CV gameplay makes the new control scheme sound like a ton more work.  AKA now all attacks are manual drops.  

If my interpretation is correct this will pretty much force players to focus on being CV experts and nothing else.  The changes to the gameplay will be so extreme that nothing I would do as a CV player will translate into anything useful for other ship classes.

Of course the big issue is WG has said nothing about making CV gameplay more rewarding.



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With any other type of ship, you are the CAPTAIN. This new mode makes you a butter-bar Lieutenant flying ace. It's not even remotely 'Captaining' your ship. Another issue is with those operators who got physically ill playing the Space Operations a while back. They get disorientation air-sick. And I talked to those in my clan and I'd say a good 5% are afraid of heights and can't play this kind of battle.

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