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And now it happened the other way!

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A few days ago I posted about an experience I had where I thought the reward/scoring of a match was a little off.  It was a 2-v-2 battle about Tier II or Tier III and I had secured both kills and done the majority of total damage to the red fleet but came in second on the score sheet.  It seemed off to me, felt I had been slighted or short changed due to the way scores/XP are calculated.  In the thread I also stated that I had probably benefited from the way XP is calculated and granted in the past without even knowing it.  Well, I think today was one of those days, lol...

I was going through getting my daily win bonuses as I sat around in my underwear on a Christmas morning sipping coffee.  I got in my Asashio and had an okay battle, a little above average to average I would say, got two caps, two kills, spotted, and survived to the end of a Tier X battle.  It wasn't anything great, I certainly didn't do anything amazing or incredible, but I was happy with my contribution and overall effort.  The red team lost their Shima and Asashio in the first five minutes.  It was a close battle, the closing stage was one BB, two Cruisers, and one DD per fleet, we were ahead on points, but they had the healthier ships. Long story short, the battle ended with me and two green cruisers alive, no red ships and we had three out of four caps.

The score sheet comes up, I smile at the first page, I did good damage and a good score!  I click to the Team Score page and I was shocked to see my name atop the list!  I think that is the highest score I've ever had to be honest, it is close if it isn't the highest.  I definitely benefited this time because I wasn't the best on the team, the Henri was, by far.  I only damaged three ships the entire match.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that I realize my good fortune and that the score calculation formula benefited me this time.  Thanks!

(My previous Asashio battle I damaged nothing, had one cap, and scored about 500XP, came in last on the losing team.)





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You got two solo caps, there's a lot of XP in that. Also you took serious chunks out of that Shima and got a lot of XP for that too. Nice match!

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There’s far too much player emphasis on damage numbers. Not all damage is equivalent, and XP reflects this. XP from damage is based on % of ship destroyed, not total damage. 20k damage to a destroyer is worth about 100k damage to a battleship.

I wish WG would remove (or at least use a smaller font for) raw damage numbers, and replace it with % of ships killed.

”122% damage” would be a far more relevant number than something like “55,231 damage”


PSA: please shoot at the red DD instead of farming fire damage off the Conqueror.

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