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Happy Birthday (Star Ocean's) Eve!

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A shout out for one of the best gaming waifu you can ever get.  


First an introduction.




You probably heard of Square Enix's Star Ocean games, right?  No you don't.   There aren't that many, with each release coming out after so many years, and dates back to a time when you might call it "classic" JRPG.  Its been greatly eclipsed by Square Enix's other RPGs, most obviously Final Fantasy.   Compared to other RPG franchises, Star Ocean seems like somewhere between SEGA's Phantasy Star and the Tales franchise, and there are interesting parallels between SO and Tales, even up to the modern mobile games.    Tales though, have more games released, and as a consequence of that, is also better known.


After the disastrous last Star Ocean released in 2015, the franchise went into mobile gaming and gacha hero collecting, just like every RPG franchise.   And I will say something about Star Ocean Anamnesis, I'm hooked, that it may get me off my FHE and FGO habits.  Here are the big pluses to the game:


3D models.  Not 2D, no chibis or sprites in the battle screens.  3D models like only Square Enix can do.

Very generous game, starting with one free character roll you get each day.  I have gotten free 5* characters from free roles.  You can also do mission events and get guaranteed 5* character rolls.  If you roll a duplicate, the original gets limit broken, and it becomes even more powerful.  You get up to 10 limit breaks.  You will need the limit breaks with the tough coop missions.

Did I say coop?  Yes coop raids. I find social interaction lacking in other gacha games.  This one lets you do multiplayer coop raids and battle bosses.  All done in an easy and presentable interface.  And these are raids like Square Enix can do, with overdone monsters and SFX.

Yes, Square Enix.   Even as a mobile game, this oozes with Square Enix's approach to art direction and attention to detail, from the looks of the raids to the 3D characters.

Localization.  English dubbing is not spared here, and I feel that the quality of the dubbing is so good, it beats even the Japanese dubbing.  And this especially shows with the main character, Evelysse.   She has some of the best vocal memes in the game.  "Turn to Stardust!"  "No one can hear you scream!"  "There is some room for improvement here." 


Now for the bad news, and there has to be some.

Star Ocean games are limited in number, not like Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy.  It is bound to run out of heroes quick, and it did.  So it has to resort to alts, more alts, and collaborations, which it already did two even for the global release.  Collaborations more like from other SE games.


Evelysse is different from all the other SO characters is because she's the one and original character to SO Anamnesis.  She's the protagonist of the game and the one that summons the heroes.  She has also gotten her own gacha, and inevitable alts (winter, summer, bridal versions, and so on).  But the main one is the most important because she has the ability to resurrect a dead party member during a prolonged tough raid, which can get long tough and intense enough.


With her special ability to resurrect the dead, she helped pull through many marginal parties to victory.    



For Christmas, she gets her first alt so soon for the global release.  The defender version is one of the best in game and appears right there with A2 from the Nier Automata collaboration.  


Putting both healer and defender in the same party creates a very dependable combination even for the toughest coop.  



For some reason, Evelysse's birthday is December 24 (Christmas Eve?)  

Shout out for a dependable game waifu!  


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Kinda reminds me a fire emblem a bit.:cap_yes: I may check it out if I have some spare time next year. Though I doubt I'll find a wifu that can compete with my Hinoka.:fish_aqua:




fun fact! her Original voice actress (they changed it for FE Heros) was also the voice for tommy pickle in rugrats!:Smile_great:


she can sing too!





BTW Merry X-mas evreyone!:cap_happy:

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FHE Hinoka artwork is awesome, although I am a bit more disappointed with her legendary version.  I got both.



Isn't (FHE) Loki the hot waifu in the game now?  Everything that comes out of her mouth seems suggestive.



Going back to Star Ocean, Reimi in all her forms are also consistently among the most reliable and best performing waifu you can ever get.



Her shower scene from Star Ocean The Last Hope.



Sarah is also a recent pickup of mine in SOA.   



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