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Rank Sprint in Two Halves

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I used the PEF in ranked to grind through the Nerves of Steel missions.  It was a hard slog as DDs YOLOed or open water gun boated instead of just spotting or parked in smoke on cap then died to a wall of skill.  I cried as green BBs fired HE at broadside targets 5km away.  But I hit rank 5 as I fished stage 4 of Nerves of Steel.

Rank 10 to 5, PEF 20 battles, 50% win rate.


I switched to the T-61 to rank out, a while potatoes still potatoed, at least I only had to suffer them for 8 battles.

Rank 5 to 1, T-61 8 battles, 100% win rate.


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Grats. I did it in three parts:

10-5 Warspite in like 5 battles.

5-3 languished for 20 battles switching between ships for no good reason.

3-1 Warspite in 5 or 6 battles.

Moral of the story: Don't mess with Warspite.

Particularly funny was the red Mutsu asking our side how we liked those 410s. Then he went broadside simultaneously to an Arizona and my Warspite at 8km. I'm guessing map awareness is not his strong suit.

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a side note to ranked sprint. If you wait till the potatoes fail their way to the tier 5 bracket....i.e. week two, you are in for a rough go

I did last time and it took me 88 games to rank out, all solo. it was if I was taking  crazy pills. season 2, I focused early and it took me 28 games. 

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Started with Normandie, which I thought would do better. Due to all the Warspites however, which you rarely see in randoms now, that got too difficult around rank 5. I got stuck there for what seemed like a long time of back and forth until I bought back the New Mexico. At least I can take on a Warspite with that. Except it's soooo sloooow, even with speed flag. 

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T-61, carry-capable.

I better upgrade my farragut, though.

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