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Story: A tanker eyeballs the 1/2 off premium time offer...

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And takes some things into consideration...


Let the record show I have 19,722 doubloons sitting in my coffers.  You maybe asking "wth does a tanker have

19,000 plus doubloons on tap for?"  Well I bought into this game during Beta stage thinking I would have the same

amount of fun or near it when it released.  Turned out not as much as I expected.   Plus I thought I was going to

get gold along with premium.  We all know where that went.  Also I got more doubloons by sheer luck of not

playing and receiving last year's offer.  Well it's finally time to cash out.  Let me explain.


I currently do not know if next year I will be afford 1 year of universal premium time considering my current financial

status.  If I want to, I can buy 1 year Universal premium with one of my twitch coupons for around $85 next month.

Looking at the rules to get doubloon compensation, I have to buy this first!  (Corrections very much appreciated and

may even be rewarded)  Since I have so many doubloons on tap,   I can now leverage them to get 9,250 doubloons

on top of my newly bought premium of all types.  This leaves me enough to buy 1/2 year of premium plus a little

play money for ships since I do enjoy it on occasion.  Essentially for $85 I'll have a year and half of Universal

premium time for $85. 


Those doubloons have been sitting for years.   It's time they got put to use.

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