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➽ Join FIMI (The New Casual Player Clan) ✌

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FIMI is a 'clan' that is for anyone 'older' that is cornered into a regular clan, buyt still want to rake in the benefits of being part of a clan for discounts on resources, extra xp per game, etc.

Is this You?:

  • We have no tier restrictions, so you can join if you just started.
  • You don't need an average rating of 50+ , so ... yes, you can actually suck at this game.
  • You  speak/read English
  • You use clean language (most of the time) and am not an *** to the players that don't know all the in's and out's.
  • You are an occasional 'solo' player that can enjoy a great match, even when all is lost.
  • You are not a vegetarian ... (kidding ... or am I?)

Just look up/search FIMI in WOW and apply. 


(FIMI = Fun In More Important.)

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