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My Xmas box hual, Help ???

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Fair Advisory First off, this may not apply to those who did not partake in the Santa box event. For those of you among us who are trying to get legislation pass to outlaw/protect, all power to you guys. Just don't sour the fun of others with your political views. You have been advised

For the meantime, those of us who partake in the fun.  This my haul, and I am asking for help on the following ships.

I got 20 MEGA boxes, IMO this year without the inclusion of premium time (WOWS or WG) it did felt a nerfed. But Value wise its up to the individual the judge as to the value I got back. That is why we have the forums to discus it. So here is my haul. ( yeah I was a little tardy in pulling the trigger but in the end I made an informed decision).

  1. 20 Camo -- New years
  2. 30 Dragon Signals
  3. 20 camo-- New years
  4. 875 coal
  5. 12,500 coal
  6. 30 Leviathan signals
  7. 2,000 doubs
  8. 875 coal
  9. 12,500 coal
  10. 2,000 dubs
  11. 20 Camo--- New Years
  12. New Ship--- T-61 (I need help with this one)
  13. 2,000 dubs
  14. 20 Camos---- New years
  15. 875 Coal
  16. 12,500 Coal
  17. 30 wyvern signals
  18. 2,000 dubs
  19. 30 hydra signals
  20. 30 scylia signals
  21. New ship Roma (Need help with this one too)
  22. 30 scylia signals
  23. New Ship Monaghan (and help wih this one)

And that is it, that is what I have in the notifications tab (checked 5 times over). Just as advertised, you get mega boxes you're going to get the best signals/camos/dubs and a good chance for ships.

Yeah I got 3 good ships, I just dont know how those ships fit into my aggressive play style. I may like the T-61, I wish for the Kami for which its in my play style but there is always next year!

Spread the joy of the Holidays, I am stocked up on Premium time, I gave myself a treat of Santa boxes. All I can say is thank you to WOWS staff for a great haul. I know I am critical and I am very opinionated. In this situation credits due where credits done.BTW (you not getting a pass for next year WOWS staff, but for now I can say I am content lol).

Merry Christmas,

Happy Kwanzaa.

Happy Hanukkah

Happy New year my fellow gamers.

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IMO if you feel it's worth the money, it's a good buy. Nice haul. I passed this year for several reasons, but always good to see people happy with their purchase.

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I don't have Roma or Monaghan, but T-61 is a solid DD.  You can tear some stuff up with that.  I play it more than Kamikaze R.  Kamikaze relies heavily on stealth and hidden torpedo attacks.  If she is spotted she is in real trouble.  She can't really gun it out with other destroyers.  T-61 has decent guns and hyrdo, so you can contest caps with her pretty effectively.  I fare pretty well in 1v1 DD fights with her.

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Monaghan is easily my favorite T6 DD to take into operations. If you go torp reload and short range torps, you basically have enough torps to solo entire waves of ships if you time it right, while retaining the guns needed for in between.

Roma is a ship I tried while I was a turkey, and I honestly enjoyed her. The turrets rotate so fast that buffing that aspect is fairly unnecessary, and the guns are good at citting BBs.

No comment on T-61.

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