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Way to test out new ships - rent

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Years ago I was able to sign in to the public beta, where I was able to take some of the ships I did not have for a spin. It was a good way to see at least how they act stock without any upgrades.

I'm seeing myself where I'll try an upgrade on a high tier ship and if it's not so great it's very expensive to switch to another module or retrain the captain.

Is there a system in the plans to be able to rent out ships? maybe in a way where they don't acquire you any points etc?

Also any tips on getting credits on high tier ships? I'm at 4,xxx,xxx and can't get much more and while I had the necessary points to research US Tier X Cruiser Worcester I'm nowhere close to afford it in credits.

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No, you can't rent ships.


For credit grinding, if you have a premium ship above tier 5, just play that. If you don't, then play a regular ship between tier 5-7 that you enjoy.

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